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Thread: Tritonal feat. Soto - Let Solitude [Flashover]

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    Tritonal feat. Soto - Let Solitude [Flashover]

    A new year has begun and we're approaching the release of the first Flashover release in 2009. The American producer duo, Tritonal, is behind this one and they have teamed up with Christina Soto whom they also worked with on the Coldharbour succes "Walk With Me". 2008 offered a lot of new talents but not many could match the amount and high quality output that Mr. Reed and Mr. Cisneros presented. So far their tunes have graced labels such as Ava, Anjunabeats, Coldharbour, Enhanced Recordings, System Recordings and last but not least two releases on the Flashover sublabel called Levare. Let's take a good look at this 3-tracker which is 100 % Tritonal.

    First up is the Original Mix which has some pretty good intro work. The bass is punchy and fits the tempo. The track has a few loops in it but they aren't plastered all over the place and therefore they don't saturate the track. The loops are percussion and a bit of an electro tinged bassline. As mentioned earlier it is Christina Soto who is delivering the vocal on this project. The vocals are perfectly arranged and even though I'm not a fan of vocals in general then I can't help listening to this track over and over again. It has this thick quality sound to it but yet it feels light and airy in a comfortable way. There is usually a demand for Dub Mixes whenever a vocal tune is released but I can only recommend the full vocal track here. Tritonal's 'Air Up There' Mixes are always offering a bit more drive and a trancey atmosphere. This is exactly what you get here. The melody is now in focus and the bassline also gives it an uplifting feel. I've been obsessed with this Air Up There signature sound of theirs and now I've just been reminded why, that is what it does - lifts you up there!

    There is no doubt in my mind that these guys can go far. Fantastic melodies and an overall good sound quality. The 'Air Up There' Mix is the winner in this package. 8/10.

    Releasedate: TBA

    Flashover Recordings
    Tritonal on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Check out the latest Tritonal interview on - The home of music

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    again a new tritonal? produc-o-holics

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    Dave and Chad are sooo on fire! They are doing very well! And to see them perform live a number of times, is truly an honor. There podcast "Air Up There" is so massive! I highly recommend everybody to subscribe to it on itunes.

    Huge Cheers goes to Tritonal!

    I will be seeing a whole lot of Tritonal in the near future. Since they do live 1 hr and 30 mins away from me!!



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