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Thread: Sydney Trance & Progressive Hot Spots

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    Sydney Trance & Progressive Hot Spots

    Hi everyone,
    I'll be in Sydney coming up in the next few months...
    Anyone care to list out some of the clubs that spin "AH.FM style" beats?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Me Too!!!

    I'm in sydney right now... and I want to where to go as well... No idea, but I'm guessing somewhere in kings cross... I'm just going to go there and see what's playing :-)

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    Unfortunately Sydney doesn't have many "" style clubs (especially kings cross...which has none at the moment!). The place to go check out is a night called "impulse". It's on every Friday night at Hunter Bar...which is on Hunter st. in the city. It's mainly driving uplifting trance, can verge on the harder side at times but never too hard.

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