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    Something new

    Hi friends and Symphonic Emotions Lovers

    So its 2009 and not only the New Year is going with big steps ahead, also my Show , Symphonic Emotions , will have something New this Year.

    ALL Starting with Vol 6, you will hear every 2nd month a 1 Hour guestmix from an other AUSTRIAN DJ. That means the first hour of the Show is about the guest DJ and the second by me

    I choosed Austrian DJs coz we have a lot of good DJs here in Austria they normaly have not the chance to play in a club or on a radio sation like AH. So its all about the newcomers

    and now dont wonder...the first slot is for T4E coz she supports the Austrian DJs alot and therefore her is the first Honor

    second also is near fixed...will be Luke Grande. He was taking Part in the first Austria in the Mix Show in 2008 and also made his way to the end of Year Countdown. With his 17 years of age hes an uprising star in the Austrian Trance scene and his good ear for Arrangement and good mixing skills speak for himself.

    The second big News is, that you can vote for your favorite classic each month out of 5 classics i give to you to choose from. This classic then will be played in the Show. The Voting starts always after the actual show for 2 weeks.

    Last but not least but not fixed jet will be a special Show for my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in August this Year....i try to catch some time slots extra and then i want to do another 5 or 6 hour special LIVE with VIDEO together wih DFX and a_ndY

    lets see what happens


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    Sounds great mate! Looking forward to it!
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    wow. Good stuff being thought out here. New "virtuoso"s never hurt

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    oki fans and freaks

    So t4e gave her slot cozing she got her own show now on every 2nd monday and she said it would be fair to give others that slot

    congrats to your show hun

    and so here we go with the first 3 guestmixers and the dates...

    25. Februar: Renč Dale - 1 hour guestmix
    22. April: Luke Grande - 1 hour guestmix
    24. Juni: DJ Mindflash - 1 hour guestmix

    All Guestmixers are Trance DJs from Austria and have a good skill and a great setbuilding so it will be really fun to hear those guys here on ah

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    comments welcome ;)

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    Special News Ticker...



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