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Thread: Passion Pres NuPassion 7th Feb @ The Emporium, Coalville.

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    Passion Pres NuPassion 7th Feb @ The Emporium, Coalville.

    Saturday February 7th 2009 - The Emporium Coalville
    Event: 9pm-3am

    Main Arena :: Passion Presents NuPassion
    JFK B2B Genix
    Ben Alonzi B2B Will Watson
    Matt Farmer B2B Lee Jaimez
    Tom Bailey / Kelly Jay
    Matty Morris B2B Micky Moo

    On December 6th 2008 NU PASSION started the revolution.

    A line up of totally new underground undiscovered UK DJ trance talent delivered sets and numbers through the door never seen for such an event at the Emporium.

    Highly motivated and hungry new individuals who spread the word so vastly to their friends, family, workmates and anyone that would listen that they had their chance to play in Passions legendary blue room, that scores of clubbers turned out with nothing on their mind but a good night out to support their mates and listen to really good music delivered by exceptional DJs.

    Every DJ was pumped up with excited adrenalin, every DJ delivered unbelievable top quality sets!

    The crowd response was similarly responsive with cries of euphoric screams and chants for their new local home grown heroes.

    Never before have such scenes been witnessed by myself at Passion, I personally have never felt such excitement about a new talent night at the emporium, and I now I feel enthused and pulsated about the future of our night.

    In the doom and gloom of the times that surround us there is a beacon of hope and light that shines bright.

    In the last two years the 'scene' has been replaced by the 'one off event' which has left the scene we all love in the gutter.

    The scene is back, but this time its run by you!

    A revolution has begun and you are not just part of it, you are its future!

    Join the revolution, take control of 'YOUR' scene.

    Nu Passion is the future of the clubbing scene.

    No over inflated prices! No over inflated egos!

    Support your chosen new talent, support you future, because now you have one!

    Support NU PASSION!!!


    -EARLYBIRD - 5+ B/F
    -SAVERS - 6 + B/F
    -STANDARD - 7 + B/F

    -TICKETS:-Welcome to TicketWeb! OR 08700 600100

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    Wish I could come, I love it when NuPassion is in the main room. Have only been to one but had such a good time. Saving myself for Passion 15th Birthday though which I'm very excited about

    It's a 3.4/4 hour drive to Coalville from Bournemouth so I just don't get to come up as much as I'd like
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