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Thread: Subnautic - Reflect

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    Subnautic - Reflect

    Hi guys! first post here, and starting off with one of my new Tracks.
    it's going somewhere between progressive and uplifting, can't really classify it.
    I hope you like it, i'm open for all constructive criticism, thanks for your replies!
    here is the link to the demo:
    Subnautic - Reflect Demo 192k.mp3

    and if you want another host here are several: | Free File Spreading Engine

    have fun listening!

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    NICE !!!!

    Adding to msn!

    Talk to later!

    Well Done!

    What do you use?

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    thanks mate
    I use Logic 5.5 as i don't have te money to switch to mac
    my msn is

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    Liking It.

    Happy With That.

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