Kristian Nielsen, with the internationally-sounding artist name Kris O'Neil has remixed the indie-/alternative rock band Moi Caprice. Kris has followed a progressive trance recipe in his works through time, but in recent times he has found his own new sound and this is reflected in both productions as well as in his DJ sets. As he describes it, "somewhat progressive, somewhat techy, somewhat trancey" - couldn't have said it better myself. Seems something of a challenge to successfully remix a rock band thus get it released on the market as well, nevertheless it happened. Those who where at Sensation White live @ Parken Stadium, Copenhagen Denmark or streamed it on the computer may have heard this remix because Danish Kjeld Tolstrup "dropped" it in the middle of his set. Kjeld liked the remix so much that he played it live on national radio, on his show called "Unga Bunga" at P3.

1. Nicka pres. Moi Caprice - Wish You Where Her (Kris O'Neil Vocal Remix) // 8A 130
2. Nicka pres. Moi Caprice - Wish You Where Her (Kris O'Neil Dub Mix) // 8A 130

The review
The track starts off with a swoosh sound, which functions as a kind of trigger and launches the track. A relatively punchy kick instantly sets in - wouldn't be way off to label it as a trance kick. On top there is some percussion which fits well into the mood and tempo. Claps are added, and another "swoosh" effect which contributes to the build-up. The track is escalating now with a synth melody. That leads to a rapid and heavy pumping bass line. The bassline has an electro house twist to it, but without sounding groovy nor as a cliché. The production builds nicely up to the break which includes vocals, which fans may be divided on - some might not like them, and some generally prefer electronic music entirely without vocals, if you're one of those, grab the Dub mix. The production is perfectly build around the vocals and hence ensure that we do not doubt that it is Moi Caprice who has been remixed.

The Verdict
An excellent remix from Kris O'Neil! "Trance" producers often tend to stick to long and boring breakdowns and use tiring dj friendly intros and outros, but here Kris cuts straight to the chase. The strengths in this mix is definitely the heavy sub-bass, which is a good base and creates a fantastic drive, and the tension that builds throughout the track. These two elements combined makes a proper dance friendly track. I'll give this a 9/10. Not because the production is groundbreaking, but it just works all the way. There is a good balance and mix of genres. The combination of vocal and instrumental part gives it a magical touch and a great peaktime feel.

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