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    Thumbs down New Social Group Tool

    Hi there

    The new social Group tool is crapshit

    I only can create ONE group whats that ??

    And inbetween the thread of a group you only can post about 1000 characters...for a 2 hour tracklist and DL link thats not enough coz a 2 hour tracklist may have up to 2500 characters and it looks schitty to post it in three post

    so maybe the admins can change that...otherwise a social group for musik or show isnt intresting anymore

    for a tracklist etc we need abot 3000 / 3500 Characters and only create One group is not a good thing

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    Originally it was set to 2 groups max i upgraded forums to 3.8.1 two days ago and it seems like it changed back to 1, I fixed it back to 2...

    Max Characters was 1000 I believe, I understand the frustration and it has been bumped up to 3000.

    Cheers and also no point in using shi**ty words. hugs
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