DJ Name: DJ rb87

How long you have been a DJ: since 2006

Style of music played: Progressive House, Trance, Techno

DJ rb87 - real name Rihards Baufals. He is from Latvia and from capital city Riga. He was born February 27th 1987. He has been always interested in Progressive, Trance and House style music. He has been very infatuated with this music style and later on since 2006 he had started to make his own mixes and music. From beginning he mixed only trance style music, but later on 2008 he had to range predominance progressive house and trance style music.
January 2007 it was the first time when he had to contrive a mix which was devise for playing in world wide. This his DJ Mix was specially made to be played for one of the biggest trance, progressive radio stations in the world - which is located in Canada and his debut was succesfull. Later on January 2008 his mix appeared on Bulgarians radio station Eilo and this debut was also successful and he got a 1st place on Eilo monthly best mixes top. On July 2008 he was one of the winner of the important and biggest magazine in the world DJ Mag organized competition - "DJ Mag Mix Competition", and his mix was played on one of the Europe biggest radio station on Vonyc Sessions Channel. Later on October 2008 his mix Night Sessions was played on radio station Staticprogress which is located in the USA.
Every month he releases a mix - Night Sessions which is oriented on Progressive House, Trance and Techno sounds. He also once a year release mix “Think about all” which is oriented on Chill-out and Ambient sounds. He also has an official website where you are always welcome. There you can download his mixes as well.

Tracklist: DJ rb87 - Night Sessions 28 (January 2009)

01 Pole Folder - Babylon Days (Dousk Yadda Mix) [Artic Wave]

02 John Digweed - Gridlock (Digweed and Muirs Stripped down mix) [Renaissance]

03 Sergio Fernandez - Space salt (original mix) [Beat Freak]

04 Federico Epis - Brasilia (Robytek Remix) [Audio Therapy]

05 Logiztik Sounds - Crazy People (D Nox & Beckers Remix) [Plastik Park]

06 Ali Payami - Stay (Original Mix) [Just For Fun]

07 Kenneth Thomas - Soleil noir (Mitiska and Medina remix) [Curvve]

08 Glenn Morrison - Hydrology (Original mix) [mau5trap]

09 Brian Cross - Sunny rain (Elastika Remix) [Nervous Records]

10 Global Deejays feat. Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Markito's Sunlight Remix) [Onelove]

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