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Thread: Hello Everyone + a Mix

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    Hello Everyone + a Mix

    Hello All!!

    Have always browsed on here but never signed up. Have been really impressed with some of the mash up's produced and have played a fair few in my sets. Xijaro's especially have been really good.

    I notice a few names and know a few of you and always D/L a few sets

    Might as well put a mix up that i just fiished for Destination Trance on Party 107

    A bit of prog/trance into some lovely trance.


    1) Jaytech - Vela (Tritonal Air Up There Mix)
    2) Adymus - Luminous Beings
    3) Dyor - Stars (First Star Progressive Mix)
    4) Alexey Kozlov - Next Stage (Anhken Mix)
    5) Basic Perspective - Small Step On The Other Side (Elevation Mix)
    6) Nitrous Oxide - Magenta
    7) Elsa Hill - Lost (Temple One Mix)
    8) AF Project - Moonlight Madness (Temple One Mix)
    9) Deepwide - River
    10) Shadowrider - Blue Horizon (Kendiel Lopeze Mix)

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    ALL constructive feedback welcome. Cheers boys & girls!

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    13,911 lads taking over on here hehe
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