Hey guys!!

As I'm pretty new to this forum I thought that
I should a post the newest part of my mixseries
called Crystal Lounge. This is a mix that I put together
every month.

DJ Name: Fred Acler
How long you have been a DJ: 4 years
Style of music played: Trance
Bio: I copied the bio that I have on my agency's website (icon-management.se)
"Fred Acler loves the sound of nice melodies and tunes with a nice groove. Doesnít matter if itís house, trance or something in between. This is showcased in his monthly mixseries called Crystal Lounge, which has become pretty popular.
Fred has played along side names like Marcel Woods, Sean Tyas, Barth Claessen and Blank & Jones to name a few, and shown his skills both in and out of Sweden.

1. Mike Foyle - Bittersweet Nightshade (Original Mix)
2. Wippenberg & Sphaera - Front (Original Mix)
3. Marcel Woods feat. Elles De Graaf - Cant Sleep (Original Mix)
4. Sied Van Riel - MME (Original Mix)
5. Angel Ace - 776 Miles (Original Mix)
6. Super8 & Tab feat. Alyna - Delusion (Original Mix)
7. M6 - Into The Unknown (Original Mix)
8. Robbie Buri - Casino (Original Mix)
9. First State - Off The Radar (808 Clash Mix)
10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Roberta Harrison - Photograph (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

If you want to download it, you can do that from HERE!!

Hope you will like it!