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Thread: HALitosis-PsylentButHeadly 100209 Psychedelic/Progressive Trance Mix

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    HALitosis-PsylentButHeadly 100209 Psychedelic/Progressive Trance Mix

    My first attempt at a mix, but this is more of an salute to the Artists/Visionaries/Pathfinders, whose music has enhanced my life and psyche. Hats off to them! Please enjoy and give me feedback, I need to know if its a hit or a miss. Yours, HALitosis.

    DJ Name: HALitosis
    How long you have been a DJ: A few months only.
    Style of music playedsychedelic/Progressive Trance
    Bio: Im a 27 year old guy from Finland, ive been in to Psy-Trance, Ambient, Psybient, Progressive-Trance, etc., for about 7 years now. This is somewhat of a passion of mine, though ive only just got started with dj:ing, ive allways been the person att parties who has taken control of the stereo, much to the dismay of other people present at these parties.. Thats pretty much it, really.

    01. Horizon-First Flight

    02. Midimiliz-Feet In The Air
    03. Gappeq-Theory Of Everything
    04. Ticon-1987
    05. Kindzadza-Eye In The Sky
    06. Wizack Twizack-Ranger From The North
    07. Silicon Sound-Passengers(feat. Jaia)
    08. Sx-Herpes
    09. Wizzy Noise-Wizzdom

    Download Link:RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

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    being the big psylover that i am, this is one set i definitely won't pass up

    downloading now, and will return with feedback later

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    Cheeeerz, mate, and foremost-enjoy!

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    Has anybody listened to it yet? Plz reply, thenk you.

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    Anybody??????? Helllouuuuu??????

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    Porque no feedback? I am puzzled........

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