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Thread: Trance needs your support

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    Trance needs your support

    Please vote for trance music and vote for Ian Russ at TCNC DJ award in Minneapolis.
    I'm only the DJ on the list that plays trance and I've played here on AH.FM EOYC and the winner of DJ contest on in July. Thank you.
    Here's the link to vote: - Your Guide to the Minneapolis St.Paul Nightclub Scene

    My mix of the year is here:
    Free Mp3 Hosting, Artist Pages, Dj Sets, Free Music Downloads

    Appreciate your support!!!

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    Voting site is down at the moment but will definitely do the biz when it's back up!
    New show time: Back From The Dead - Every 1st Monday 1900-2100 GMT (2000-2200 CET, 1400-1600 PST)
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    Sounds great Lazarus. Hopefully it's back soon, otherwise there's an email version of voting.

    Thank you

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    Voting is back up, so please vote for me.

    Thank you

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