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Thread: DJ Amo Pres. Amir Atme - Forgotten Days [Proxoz] OUT NOW!!!

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    DJ Amo Pres. Amir Atme - Forgotten Days [Proxoz] OUT NOW!!!

    OUT NOW!!!
    DJ Amo Pres. Amir Atme - Forgotten Days (Incl Remixes) [Proxoz Recordings]

    Owner of Proxoz Recordings finally hits us with his first release that has already been supported by Armin Van Buuren on ASOT, Ronski Speed and many more.

    A Gentle piece of uplifting & melodic trance with some beautiful vocals performed by the us vocalist Michal the girl for sure will take you on a special journey with the range of remixes for each one of you.

    You can buy it from all the good mp3 shops around like Beatport Audiojelly Juno or buy the actual CD single from

    Armin Van Buuren, Pedro Del Mar, Ronski Speed, Solarstone, Adam nickey, Airbase, Danjo, Les Hemstock, Maarten De Jong, Manuel Le Saux, Marcos, Michael Angelo, Mike Walch (Audio One), Rozza, Simon Bostock, Steve Anderson, Suzy Solar, Tom Colontonio, Tom Costelloe.

    Listen to the tracks on Proxoz Recordings :: Official Website or on Beaport

    DJ Amo Pres. Amir Atme - Forgotten Days

    01. Forgotten Days (Original Mix)
    02. Forgotten Days (Original Dub Mix)
    03. Forgotten Days (Adam White Remix)
    04. Forgotten Days (Adam White Dub Mix)
    05. Forgotten Days (Stuart Miller Remix)
    06. Forgotten Days (Stuart Miller Dub Mix)
    07. Forgotten Days (Immoral Monkeys Remix)
    08. Forgotten Days (Paul Vinitsky Remix)
    09. Forgotten Days (Paul Vinitsky Dub Mix)
    10. Forgotten Days (FRONT Remix)
    11. Forgotten Days (Adam Navel Remix)
    12. Forgotten Days (Adam Navel Dub Mix)

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    . Dance music vinyl and CDs, dance music MP3s and downloads - Juno Records (CD Single)
    . Dance mp3 & WAVs: over 800,000 dance music tracks at Juno Download - Juno Download

    Visit our website if you want to get updated more often about our upcoming releases.

    Proxoz Recordings :: Official Website
    Proxoz Recordings on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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    Original Dub Mix - loving it!
    Immoral Monkeys Remix - also great!
    Adam Navel Dub Mix - alright just the intro is bad, from the breakdown to the end is great.
    Stealing Aga <3

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