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Thread: Cosmic Gate vs Funkagenda - F*ck The Sign Of The Times (Matt Ricks WTF Mash-up)

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    Cosmic Gate vs Funkagenda - F*ck The Sign Of The Times (Matt Ricks WTF Mash-up)

    Cosmic Gate vs Funkagenda - F*ck The Sign Of The Times (Matt Ricks WTF Mash-up)

    Download: LINK REMOVED DreamensioN
    Length: 5:56
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
    File Size: 13.5 MB

    It's my very first mash-up. Hope you like it. The tracks used were Cosmic Gate - Sign Of The Times and Funkagenda - What The F*ck. Please leave a comment.

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    Horrible mashup.You just added on the original track the vocals of Funkagenda and kept looping it at the end.Also the title u use its insulting..And most important of all , you are not supposed/authorized to have this track coz the release date of the album is in 6 weeks from now and the official promo of it hasnt even started yet..The fact that something leaked online doesnt give u the right to use it before it is its time.

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    Sorry if I offended you in any way, but I couldn't find a better name. And it's my first try for a mash-up, I'll improve in the future. And about me using the track before the album appeared ... I did this mash-up for fun, not for commercial purposes, so I think it shouldn't be any problem.

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    you are downloading online illegaly music that its not even released yet.if you think thats alright and there is nothing wrong with that then i am wrong

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    I don't think downloading it is a problem, but to use it in commercial purposes, that is the problem.

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    your not listening what im tellin dowloaded it illegaly,you shouldnt have it for 6 more weeks...and by posting it on a public forum,you are using it to expose your name

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    Ok ... we clearly have different oppinions on this matter. If any moderator thinks that I broke some of the rules of this forum please delete my thread. And, Dj Row, I didn't make this mash-up to make my name heard, I did it for pure fun. Again, sorry if I offended you in any way. Thanks for your comments though.

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    Thread locked and link removed.

    Downloading of illegal music/leaked tracks is bad mmmmmkay.

    Good luck in your mashup endeavours.
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