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Thread: If you have an Xbox 360..

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    If you have an Xbox 360..

    Then you can stream internet radio or even live TV from your computer.

    Not sure how well known this is, but there is a program called Tversity that acts as a media server for remote devices. It also officially supports the Xbox 360. The primary reason I started using it is because it transcodes Internet Radio streams to a supported format for the 360. And of course, you can listen to the streams while playing games. You can also use it to do everything Windows Media Player does, plus much more. All those formats the 360 doesn't support are transcoded by Tversity into a supported format. 
    TVersity - Home
    I spent many hours figuring out how to get it working so I'll include a quick start guide so you don't repeat my mistakes:
    1) Download and install Tversity Important: While installing and prompted to use ffdshow, select all available formats.  IOW, check every checkbox possible.  
    2) Add an exception in your firewall for port 41952 (TCP)
    3) Disable media sharing in Windows Media Player. Tip: Open Windows Media Player, click on Library | Media Sharing | Uncheck 'Share my media'
    4) Download radio playlists from (Rename to whatever you want - by default they are named 'shoutcast-playlist.pls'). Tip: narrow your search with the term 'HD' to filter HD-only stations and right click on 'Tune In!' and use 'Save link as'
    5) Add the playlists in Tversity by clicking Add | File | Browse
    6) Refresh Media Library in Tversity
    You don't need to change ANY settings in Tversity
    That's it!!!
    I've even uploaded my playlists and named them appropriately:
    Just extract them to any directory and add them via Tversity. 
    Source:Stream internet radio to the Xbox - Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums

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    oh thats pretty cool! i never knew about this.

    im going to give it a try.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by DistantLand View Post
    oh thats pretty cool! i never knew about this.

    im going to give it a try.
    I also use it on my mp3 player since it has media server streaming capabilities..I posted a video showing it a while back..dunno if you saw it..but it'd be pretty cool to have a constant trance soundtrack to your racing/shooter games

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    i dont have an xbox, i still have my ps2. ps3 to expensive

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    I think it's even easier with the ps3..

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    API for programmatic control over recording of live sources. API for connecting live broadcasts to Media Server programmatically.

    IP PBX

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarek View Post
    I think it's even easier with the ps3..
    I need to research that. I tried to stream AH through the PS3 web browser and it didn't work. I love my PS3 but the web browser SUCKS!

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    Hehe.. that works, just tried it out! Thanks for the tutorial!

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