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Thread: Naming songs (id3 tagging)

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    Question Naming songs (id3 tagging)

    So I have some songs named like this: "artist - title".

    But does anyone know how to get that information in the id3 tag without doing it all by hand?

    thanks in advance!

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    MP3 Tag Studio

    (The Mp3/Tag Studio Homepage)

    I use version 3.05, which is free and completely clean, but shows a small ad - everytime the same one - above the window of the program (when unregistered). It's not 'adware' in the sense of coming up with ads outside the program, it only shows one above the window when used.

    But there are maybe more programs to do this, but I sticked to this one

    Trouwens, hallo medenederlander
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    excellent! works flawlessly!

    dankjewel medenederlander!

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