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Thread: Ernesto vs. Bastiaan - Laserbrain

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    Ernesto vs. Bastiaan - Laserbrain

    Who also thinks this track is awesome?

    YouTube - Ernesto vs Bastian - Laser Brain

    I absolutely love it!

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    Really boring...

    Ernesto vs Bastian last good tune was unchained melody.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Not bad
    My mixcloud page ;) aka DJ Zenthetix ^^

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    That tune is reeaaalll nice!! Just love the break
    EXTRA EXTRA!! You can now download all my mash up's at!

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    I love the melody in this tune.. First good tune since Dark side of the moon!

    Hope it's not gonna get commercial.. Has quite a commercial melody a bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DistantLand View Post
    Really boring...

    Ernesto vs Bastian last good tune was unchained melody.
    "ITS THE UNCHAINED MELODY!" o love this choon! their lat Albums sucked ass also!

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    i heard it today cant really say the realise is sooo amazing i mean something you can remember the other day too!

    decent to boring i can say
    When you can live forever what do you live for?

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