Joni Ljungqvist from Sweden is a producer with quite an impressive discography. He had his big breakthrough in 2005 when his People I Used To Know was featured on Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 4. This was not his last appearance on this famous compilation series as he had a track featured on #5 and #7 as well. Joni is no stranger to Enhanced Recordings. He did a remix of Will Holland's Timeless and collaborated with Terje Bakke on the track Bali. The followup to Bali is also on its way. He is now debuting with a solo project on Enhanced and that would be under his JPL guise. First track is the title of this ep, Lighthouses and Shorelines. The second track is Linger which featured on Digitally Enhanced Volume 2.

The Review
The A-side aka Lighthouses & Shorelines reminds me of Joni's older LNQ productions. I simply love every single bit of this production. The unique kick resembles some of the punchiness that Airwave incorporates in his kick drums and it still has a more soft progressive oriented edge. The dreamy Joni pads, as we know them, are doing a fine job and the dreamy synths has that fantastic signature of his, without sounding used or already-tried-and-tested. The bpm-meter is only showing 130 and yet this is as uplifting as something running at 140. Uplifting, melodic, progressive, groovy and probably one of the best tunes I have heard this year.

Linger is a special track. Only Will Holland and Joni himself has played this before the release of the Digitally Enhanced Volume 2, where it was featured on. It is one of those tunes that sounds extremely simple but yet it holds some extraordinary qualities. It has a sweet groovy basslines, some crisp percussion and rolling melody backed up by some floaty pads.

The Verdict:
This is where I am supposed to both rate it and come up with some constructive feedback but honestly, I find that both productions are spot on. I really do not know if there is anything that should have been done differently. Both tunes are equally good and the release gets a 9/10. I will round things off by saying Joni Ljungqvist is back!!

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