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It's fine, good energy." Airillusions (Denmark)
(Navigation World, Bellarine,

"well produced release with a great energy. i like it very much." Jim_Star (Canada)
(alice management & production ; no sound)
"DK Project Sanity very nice build up trance has great emotion...Will support" Djclubbersdream (USA)
(Atlanta After Hours Shows...South Florida mix radio shows...Indianapolis DJ ....3 saint louis stati)


I''ll support the spaceport track!

Tom Colontonio

"this would be good for anyone who is still in to ld-school sounding epic trance. this brings me back to '98, I would have been lugging this around on vinyl for sure back then "Kev Obrien (USA)
(Stranjj Recordings | | ExposureNYC | Proton Radio)

"It's fine, not a fan of the theme though as it's too bangin'." Airillusions (Denmark)
(Navigation World, Bellarine,

"great release with a driving beat i love! lots of positive vibe in there!" Jim_Star (Canada)
(alice management & production ; no sound)

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