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Thread: Markus Schultz LOVES Toronto!

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    Cool Markus Schultz LOVES Toronto!

    Seriously, I feel very special to be from Toronto!

    Armada Music | Markus Schulz presents Toronto '09
    Read that, then you will see why!

    Armada: Why did you name it after Toronto this time? Does the city mean anything special to you?
    Markus: “Some of my best gigs over the last few years have been in Toronto. The world famous Guvernment complex is incredible and a huge inspiration. It has everything. Intimate knowledgeable fans in a big room setting. I like to have each installment of my cd series be inspired by different things and Toronto inspires a vibe that I am very pleased to share with the world.”

    Markus is coming to Toronto AGAIN. He is gonna be spinning at the Guv on the 21st of March, while AVB is trancing it in Kool Haus...

    As he said Toronto is his new favorite city, which makes me wonder how hard he is gonna try to come up with his best set EVER! And its only $25 for Markus and Armin! It might not sound a lot when talking about 2 of the best DJs in the world, but a great deal!

    A Trance Addict who lives for the ladies!

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    Toronto is an amazing city, love living here.

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    A Trance Addict who lives for the ladies!

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    where can we get his mix? PM ME

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