DJ Name: Ricardo Ruiz
How long you have been a DJ: 1 month ago...
Styles: Speeded House Progressive & Speeded Trance.
Bio: My name is Ricardo. I'm from Chile (Spanish Speaker) and I'm 18 years old.
Since I can remember...i love the electronic music... and all sub-styles near it. lol xP
I'd like to talk more about me, but... u know... my english is extremely bad

=== Session 003 ===

01. Ayumi Hamasaki - I am... (Transtic Beat & Ricardo Ruiz Air-Up Motion Mix)
02. Atmotion - Sensations (Original Mix)
03. Fast Distance Pres. Suncoast - Puerta del Sol (Original Mix)
04. M6 - Amazon Dawn (Original Mix)
05. Duderstand vs Store 'n' Forward - Broken (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
06. Airbase - Lucid (Original Mix)
07. Black Pearl - Java (Original Mix)
08. Atmotion - Dreamer (Original Mix)
09. Tritonal - Forever (Original Mix)
10. Andy Blueman - Neverland (Original Mix)

Download Link:

Thanks to everyones, cheers *3*