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Thread: Elucidate - Solve The Cube [Unearthed Records] OUT 02.03.2009

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    Elucidate - Solve The Cube [Unearthed Records] OUT 02.03.2009

    Solve The Cube comes from American duo Ken Loi & Sean Beckwith, under their guise Elucidate. Solve The Cube carries the trademark Elucidate, slightly harder edged sound. A true peak time, almost techy trancer has huge hands in the air breakdowns leading into really groovy mainsections with a driving bass and catchy lead.

    The first remix comes courtesy of Polish duo Sclavonia. The remix makes full use of the arpeg style build up in the original version but changes the bass round to give a real euphoric feeling before dropping into a wicked synthline, giving a really cool twist in the remix.

    Next up is Sean Truby's take on Solve The Cube. With his own extra bassline changes and piano riffs accompanying the original core elements, it maintains the groovy nature of the original track whilst giving it a more melodic but still driving feel. Sean's own tracks Darkness and Introduce Yourself will be coming soon to Unearthed so watch this space!

    Last, but hopefully not least, label owners Luke Terry (under his Hydrolyzed guise) and Chris Turner's take on Solve The Cube. Luke & Chris' remix play on the original build, lead and groovy bassline but with some extra strings, pianos and acid lines help give the track an epic feel whilst still maintaining the club sound.

    Release info:

    Release date: 2nd March 2009

    1. Elucidate - Solve The Cube "Original Mix" [Sample]
    2. Elucidate - Solve The Cube "Sclavonia Remix" [Sample]
    3. Elucidate - Solve The Cube "Sean Truby Remix" [Sample]
    4. Elucidate - Solve The Cube "
    Hydrolyzed Vs Chris Turner Remix" [Sample]

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    Sean Truby Remix is my favorite!
    Stealing Aga <3

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    great release. also love the San Turby Remx the best. but the Sclavonia dn Hydrolizez vs Chris Turner remix are also great.

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    it's weird, i dont even recognize the original version in the remixes ... but so far, like you guys, Sean Truby is my fav..

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    Nice music

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