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Thread: [foundsound-20] someone else – elsewhere ep (michal ho & kriss rmxs)

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    [foundsound-20] someone else – elsewhere ep (michal ho & kriss rmxs)

    12” vinyl and digital release courtesy of foundsound records...

    artist: someone else
    title: elsewhere ep
    remixes by: michal ho and kriss
    release date: march 30, 2009

    sean o’neal (a.k.a. someone else) got started djing in philadelphia amidst his local piers such as king britt, josh wink, pete moss, rob paine, and the list goes on. and then someone else became known for gritty minimal techno hits like “bedroom eyes”, “picture perfect”, his remix of heartz4’s “intimacy girl”, and many others. but now is another time, and someone else wants to bring back some of the deep tech-house vibes that he was raised on in his hometown, yet still remaining himself all along.

    sooooo, that said, foundsound cofounder someone else delivers more bomb-diggity good times. this time, he delves into a more organic and soulful side of loopy dancefloor tech-house suitable for the tasteful clubs and (maybe more so) the outdoors – incorporating a smoother and catchier side of his trademark cut-up vocals. plus, you get a wicked remix by michal ho of tuning spork fame, and a jaw-dropping digital bonus remix by unfoundsound’s late pride-and-joy, kriss.

    on a1 – “sunny day in smallville” – you get a 10:15 long-play with a deep progression that’ll make a dancefloor spin and grin. this anthemic chugger drives with a rolling bassline, a bouncy swing, dense yet dissonant percussion, and sliced ‘n’ diced vocals which are rich and emotive. it’s simple, tracky and complex all at once, and it makes an excellent dj tool.

    on b1 – “funny day elsewhere” – you get a catchy, vocal snippy tech-house joyride with a dubby bassline, blurry bongos and soulful delight.

    on b2 – “funny day elsewhere (michal ho remix)” – the tuning spork mofo keeps it housey, bouncy and abstract.

    then the digital bonus track – “sunny day in smallville (kriss remix)” – the young italian newbie dishes out a mind-numbing minimal club-stormer.

    listen to samples, click on track titles below:

    a1\ sunny day in smallville
    b1\ funny day elsewhere
    b2\ funny day elsewhere (michal ho remix)
    digital bonus\ sunny day in smallville (kriss remix)

    go directly to the release page by clicking here

    ((( foundsound + unfoundsound (((

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    vinyl and digital out now!

    for digital, get it here by clicking on one of these direct links:

    dj hut

    for vinyl, click one of these links:

    ...and also available now (or soon) at other fine digital and vinyl outlets (including, nuloop, humpty, triple vision, phonomonkey, itunes,, your local record store, etc.)


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