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    Temple One interview

    Joe Garrett aka. Temple One has made a huge impact on the trance scene in 2008. Joe finally released a follow-up to the massive Forever Searching and delivered a wide string of lush remixes in his smooth and uplifting trance style. He has more to be unleashed in 2009 and he has been asked to do a compilation for Enhanced Recordings. Read on to learn more about Temple One and what he has in store for us this year.

    Temple One aka Joe Garrett was born on the 24th october 1986 in the south of england. From since Joe can remember, music has always been an interest to him but it wasn't untill around the 98-99 period where Joe really took to the sound of 'Trance'.

    Fasicnated by the sound and melodys, Joe began to collect and listen to all the trance he could get hold of.. and was especially inspired by the 'Gatecrasher' compilations. Joe's love for Trance grew so he decided to take it further by taking up DJing..with little experiance at the time, Joe spent most of his free days practicing. As the years went on, Joe felt he wanted something more from the music so began to make the sound using cheap music programs such as eJay, music 2000 etc..although crude, joe gained the basics from theese programs and developed a small understanding of how electronic music was put together.

    At around the age of about 14-15 years..Joe started to explore more advanced music programs such as cubase, logic and reason.. though more complex, he spent all his time learning and building knowledge of the programs and as time went by Joe added more production equipment to his small 'studio' such as synthesizers, sound modules etc. From this, Joe has never looked backed..and in 2006 he got his first release (Eternal Light & Silent Nature) with 'Trance Revolution Recordings'. It gained support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten & Matt Hardwick etc. This gave a big opening for Joe and from that release, remix offeres soon followed. Currently under management by Enhanced Music, Joe is making his mark in the industry and is continuing to do what he loves.

    Temple 1 - Eternal Light / Silent Nature [TRR]
    Temple One - Forever Searching [Enhanced]
    Temple One - Aurora EP [Enhanced]
    Genix - 84 Hours (Temple One Remix) [Enhanced]
    Alan M - Famicom (Temple One Remix) [RealBeatz]
    Lexwood - I Love Trance (Temple One Remix) [Fenology]
    Supuer - Minerva (Temple One Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
    Will B - Upgrade (Temple One Remix) [Perceptive]
    Adam Stodtko vs. Sundriver - Monique (Temple One Remix) [Red Force]
    Elsa Hill - Lost (Temple One Remix) [Enhanced]
    ATA - Blue Skies (Temple One Remix) [Infrasonic]
    AF Project - Moonlight Madness (Temple One Remix) [Flashover]

    Enhanced Sessions Vol. One mixed by Temple One & Estiva [Enhanced]
    Temple One - String Theory [Enhanced]
    Sense of Shiver feat. Boom - Offshore (Joe Garrett's Ocean View Remix) [Enhanced]

    Q: Hey Joe. 2008 has surely been a great year for you. How are you?
    A: I’m good thanks! yeah.. 2008 has been pretty cool. I've learnt a lot and have surprised myself as well..the support I have gained has been fantastic and it really pushes me forward to do what I love most.

    Q: Let's start with some basic general stuff about you; how old are you, where did you grow up and what is your profession?
    A: I'm 22 years old and grew up in the south east of England in a small town not far from Brighton. Currently, I'm focusing on my music full-time at the moment..which to me, isn’t a bad thing! I love doing what I do and hope to continue.

    Q: Tell us how does a normal day in Temple One's life look like?
    A: hmm...well if I’m not in the studio I’m with my girlfriend. but yeah I’m mostly in the studio all day everyday! I'll get up put the kettle on and get in the studio..I wouldn’t have it any other way! I also like to watch movies and general TV..I’m a big fan of 'the Simpsons’ and 'only fools & horses'.

    Q: How do you like to spend your weekends? Are you a real party animal, attending as many music events as possible or do you spend all your time in the studio?
    A: I usually spend my weekends with my girlfriend or with my mates down the pub.. they’re not really into trance so its kind of hard to get them out clubbing..but i do try! also, the scene where I’m from isn’t big for trance so I would have to travel far for a good event..but yeah like i said previously, if I’m not out on the town or with my girlfriend I’m in the studio.

    Q: You were a guest at the November edition of the Enhanced Recordings Radio Show. There were some really great responses to the mixing and the tracklist. Did you started DJ'ing just recently or have you been waiting for the right moment to start promoting yourself as a DJ?
    A: I've always had a love for dj' fact, I started dj'ing before producing..but that’s where it lead me..I got in to producing more but still dj'd on the side. I guess I’ve just been waiting for the right moment to pursue my djing..for me, the timing has to be just right to a point where i can say 'yeah..I think people would wanna see me perform.' so who knows...but for now, my main focus is in studio.

    Q: So have you ever played a live gig before or is this still yet to come?
    A: I have yet to play out so far..but its something im looking into.

    Q: Now when we are at it, who is your favourite DJ and why?A: I would have to say Armin van Buuren if I’m being honest.. he's been very true to trance and knows how to build a great set.

    Q: What is the best club night or event you have ever attended?
    A: I went to see Tiesto @ the o2 arena in London and thats was pretty cool..the crowd was huge! Really breathtaking. But for me, I think the best club night in terms of music/vibe was when Above&Beyond played at the Honey Club in Brighton..they rocked the roof off! They were everything I expected and much more.

    Q: Ableton Live/MixMeister/Traktor for live DJ gigs; Go or No Go?
    A: Depends really...I mean I wouldnt say its a no go because at the end of the day its all about what you hear..and if the tunes are rockin’ and the dj’s connecting to the crowd it doesnt really matter.

    Q: Ok. Lets talk a bit about your productions. Do you have friends or family in the music industry or did music just feel like a natural way to express yourself? What inspired you to start messing about with music production?
    A: Well my dad used to be in a few bands in his younger days..he has a real passion for the guitar so I guess thats where I get my musical side from.. but It wasnt untill I got into trance at around the 98-99 period that I became fascinated with the sounds..from that, I started dj’ing and soon after got the music 2000 game on the playstion and was hooked! As time went by I started to but the computer music mags etc and it all went from there really.

    Q: Up until now you have been doing a lot of remixes for big labels and big names in the industry. If one takes a look at your discography, you “only” have 3 original releases behind you. How is this?
    A: Im not sure thing leads to another. The thing with my own productions is thus, im a bit of a perfectionist. I would rather release 1 good track in a year than 4 rubbish ones..but as for remix work, I do get alot of offeres which is really cool but I will start concentrating on original productions rather than remix work soon.

    Q: You have an upcoming follow-up to the excellent Aurora EP called String Theory. The original has not been revealed yet but we know that there will be a M6 remix. Will String Theory be different from your previous productions?
    A: In terms of style, no..I wanted it to follow up from my Aurora EP but with a less summer feel to it..will be one for those dark winter nights. Im developing my sound as we speak though so I can say now that ’String Theory’ will be the last in that sound.

    Q: As mentioned earlier you have done some work for big labels and big artists. Are there any remix and or track that you are especially proud of?
    A: hmm..I’d have say my remix of ’Offshore’ by Sense Of Shiver. The melody just worked for me and I had it done within a week!

    Q: Why “Trance”? Do you enjoy other styles as well, and will you test new things in the future?
    A: I love the emotion, feelings and culture..for me, no other music compares. I do listen to other stuff though..I like alot of ambient/new-age stuff..anything with a great melody and loads of emotion. And yes, I do try out other styles in the studio..its good for inspiration.

    Q: There are so many hopeful producers out there. Do you have any advice for them?
    A: Just keep at it and never give up..also, never rush your tracks just to get signed..first impressions are key.

    Q: Please share your favourite trance classic and your current top 5.
    A: Solarstone ’Seven Cities’, The Thrillseekers ’Synaesthesia’and Solid Globe ’North Pole’ to name a few..theres so many though! My current top 5 is...

    1.Sundriver ’Cloudwalk’
    2.The Thrillseekers ’City Of Angels’
    3.Adymus ’Kaleidoscope Eyes’
    4.Sied Van Riel ’MME’
    5.Mr. Sam Feat. Claud9 ’Cygnes’

    Q: Thanks a lot for this interview and best of luck in the future. Before we let you go, any upcoming remixes or original productions we should watch out for?
    A: Thank you! I have a remix forthcoming on Monster Tunes and am awaiting the release of ’String Theory’ which should be good.. just waiting on some remixes to be finished. I also have a new EP under my own name forthcoming on the new Digital Society label. Also, im developing my sound as we speak for a new Temple One sound. Loads more to come though..collab/vocal projects! I’ll say more nearer the time. All good! Thanks again and thanks to everyone for there fantastic support and kind comments!

    Temple One on myspace:
    Temple One. on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Buy Temple One tracks:
    TEMPLE ONE :: Dance and Trance Downloads :: Audiojelly Dance Music Download Site

    Enhanced Recordings:
    Enhanced Recordings : Home

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    Cool interview.

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    "String Theory" is an absolute MONSTAH! It's insane how good it is - had it on repeat for last week throughout most of the day. M6 remix is wicked too and it's hard to choose which one blows my mind the most - perhaps both in succession. :D This was certainly a great way to discover Temple 1 productions - I'm now hooked! I love how the melody is so simple yet almost... "3-dimensional". The unusual note progression reminds me a bit of CygnusX - "Orange Theme".

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    After hearing String Theory i was hooked. Can't wait to hear his future productions.
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