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    AH Signatures

    I'm no good with Photoshop unfortunately and whilst i have Afterhours wallpaper on every PC I use, i'd like a nice Afterhours Banner to use when on other forums ;)

    Any help would be greaty appreciated
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    There are standard banners here: Promote Afterhours.FM

    Or you can get someone to make you what is called a Userbar (like the one in my signature), or a regular banner..

    If you want I could try to make one..if you give me an idea of what you want on it (color theme,logo placement, extra text, etc etc..)

    Otherwise, you can ask the better photoshop/paintshop pro/whateverelsepeopleuse users to make one for you.

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    Alternately you could do what I did and beg Wailo for help
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    Go to my thread just below this one, "ah logo treatment" The first two are possibilities.

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