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Thread: TRANCE ENERGY 2009 : Tranceclub Stage

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    Thumbs up TRANCE ENERGY 2009 : Tranceclub Stage

    Trance Energy on Tranceclub, we will try to bring the power of event in Dutch Utrecht here on our site, we asked our best deejays to create special set - a dream set for Trance Eenergy. You will hear all the best from trance genere, from fantastic progressive sounds to bangin techy tunes. Feel the energy, enjoy the music, put your hands up high, scream until the break ends or simply listen to it carefully .

    Each Dj tells other story, and each mix will take you into magic journey trough beautiful trance music - just feel the rhythm.

    Hevy (Germany)
    Roxon (Netherlands)
    Bizon (Czech Republic)
    Megamix by DJ Pravy (Poland)
    iLo (Romania)
    maec (Slovakia)
    Darren Morfitt (Poland)
    T.I.D.U.S (USA)

    In near future this show will be played again in the radio cause every mix was simply incredible piece of trance music , deejays showed awesome quality - that sets can rule even biggest dancefloors on earth.

    Expect some new projects from us!


    Hevy (Germany)

    1.Rank1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (Extended Mix)
    2.Rapid Eye - Circa Forever 2008 (Maarten De Jong Overture Remix)
    3.Enersto vs Bastian - Thrill (original Mix)
    4.Armin van Buuren ft. Susana - If You Should Go (John O'Callaghan Remix)
    5.Aly and Fila - Lost Language (Original Mix)
    6.Ronski Speed - Revolving Doors (Club Mix)
    7.Blank and Jones ft. Bernard Summer - Miracle Cure (Martin Roth Nu Style Remix)
    8.Sonic Division - Day And Night (Akesson Remix)
    9.Sunlounger ft. Zara - Lost (Alya and Fila Remix)
    10.Aly and Fila - Dinasty (Original Mix)
    11.Ralpha - Pandora (Daniel Kandi's Emotional Remix)
    12.Corderoy and U4IC DJs - 3 Spirit (Ben Gold's Raw Remix)
    13.Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (Bryan Kearney Remix)

    iLo (Romania)

    1. Fausto - Lupara (Artento Divini Remix)
    2. Mr. Sam - Cygnes (Original Mix)
    3. Re - Ward - Think Twice (Original Mix)
    4. Sied van Riel - MME (Original Mix)
    5. Thomas Bronzwaer - Certitude (Original Mix)
    6. Neal Scarborough - Caldari (Apogee Remix)
    7. Oceania - Always (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
    8. Ville Lope - Gratitude (Spiritus Asper Remix)
    9. Sied van Riel & Claudia Cazacu - Contrasts (Original Mix)
    10. Mr. Pit - Shana (Duderstadt Progressive Dub Mix)
    11. Dj Eco - American Blues (Martin Roth Edit)
    12. Super8 & Dj Tab - Elektra (Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann Remix)

    Bizon (Czech Republic)

    01.Katsarov Vs. Chainside Vs. O'neil & Otten - I Would Die For Innocent Moon Love (Xijaro Mashup)
    02.Lange Vs. Paul Oakenfold Feat. Carla Werner - Last Southern Sun Away (Myon & Shane 54 Acapellas Mashup)
    03.Nic Chagall Vs. Gareth Emery - More Than You Need (Daniel Kandi Mashup)
    04.Markus Schulz Ft. Andy Moor Vs. Milan Lieskovsky & Heatbeat - Elenya's Daydream (Heats Mashup)
    05.Randy Boyer Vs. Armin Van Buuren - Afterglow Shivers (Heatbeat Mashup)
    06.Leon Bolier Vs. Kamaya Painters - Endless Ocean Wave (Leon Bolier Mash-Up)
    07.Eddie Sender Vs. Lange ft Sarah Howells - Maya Out Of The Sky (Vince's Mashup)
    08.Tiesto Vs. Nic Chagall - Everything Blue (Lifeless Mashup)

    Roxon (Nethderlands)

    01: Rank 1 - L.E.D There Be Light (Wippenberg Remix)
    02.Wippenberg - Drumster (Original Mix)
    03.Coqui Selection - Jesus Back (Oscar L Remix)
    04.Simon Patterson - Thump (Roy Thompson Remix)
    05.Kyau And Albert - Be There 4 U (Original Mix)
    06.Robbie Buri - Casino (Marcus Schossow Edit)
    07.Richard Durand - Into Something (Fall Down Mix)
    08.Robert Gitelman - Tamam (Jochen Miller Remix)
    09.W&W - the plan (Original Mix)
    10.Ummet Ozcan - Timewave Zero (Roxon Edit)
    11.DJ Eco - Borealis (Original Mix)
    12.Sam Sharp - Roundabout (Simon Patterson Remix)
    13.Dr. Willis And Tyson Diorr - Saturday Night Fever (Re Ward Tchy Mix)
    14.Dave Schiemann - Overload (Original Mix)
    15.Eddie Sender - Wake Up (Original Mix)
    16.Armin Van Buuren - Rain Feat Cathy Burton (W&W Remix)
    17.Paul Miller - Enroute (Digital Nature Remix)
    18.Thomas Bronzwaer - Certitude (Original Mix)

    Megamix by DJ Pravy

    1.Darren Morfitt - Headless Horseman (Alternative Mix)
    2.Jonas Stenberg - Enhancer (Original Mix)
    3.Jochen Miller - Face Value (Jonas Stenberg Mix)
    4.Jonas Stenberg - Memories (Original Mix)
    5.Orjan Nielsen - Vivida (Original Mix)
    6.Sam Sharp - Roundabout (Simon Patterson Mix)
    7.Re-Ward - Cico Knows Best (Original Mix)
    8.Jochen Miller - Lost Conection (Artento Divini Mix)
    9.Nick Larson - Push (Original Mix)
    10..Jamx - Liebe (Nick Larson Mix)
    11.Ummet Ozcan - Timewave Zero (Original Mix)
    12.Wezz and Fisher - Ultrablue (Original Mix)
    13.Virtual Vault - Request (Original Mix
    14.Virtual Vault - Definition (Original Mix)
    15.Virtual Vault - Expirence (Original Mix)
    16.W&W - Mustang (Original Mix)
    17.Robbie Buri - Casion (Re-Ward Mix)
    18.Diabllo - Exotica (W&W Remix)
    19.W&W - Dome (Original Mix)
    20.Patrick Plaice and Ronald Erlich - Sticky Tape (Marcus Schossow Mix)
    21.Tatana - Maybe (CJ Stone Remix)
    22.Sied Van Riel - Riel People Know (W&W Mix)
    23.Re-Ward - The Missing Secret (Original Mix)
    24.Cybersonik - Technarry (Sander Van Doorn Mix)
    25.Sied Van Reil and Leon Bolier - Two (Original Mix)
    26.Marcel Woods - Wake Up (Original Mix)
    27.Melodia - Phoenix (Will Atkonson Mix)
    28.Will Atkinson - Showoff (Nick Callaghan Mix)
    29.Paul Webster - Cut Off (Will Atkinson Mix)
    30.Micheal Tuskerman - My Name is Sawtooth (Sebastian Brandt Mix)
    31.M6 - Fade To Black (W&W Mix)
    32.Simon Patterson - Thump (Original Mix)
    33.Paul Webster - Corruption (Mac and Taylor Mix)
    34.K.K.E - Hold My Breath (Original Mix)
    35.W&W - Countach (Original Mix)
    36.W&W - Arena (Original Mix)
    37.Dazzle - Backwards (Re-Ward Mix)
    38.ID - ID
    39.Ron Van Den Beuken vs George Acosta - Maybe It's You (Roy Gates Mix)
    40.ID - ID
    41.Mark Sherry vs Dr Willis - Here Comes The Drums (Dave Schiemann Mix)
    42.Killswitch - Loop Noir (Will Atkinson Mix)
    43.Headhunterz - Aiming For Ya Brain (Original Mix)
    44.Overload - Overload (Original Mix)

    maec (Slovakia)

    1.Miles Dyson - Intro
    2.Alex Barlett & Dyor - Floating Beyond (Electro Crazy Mix)
    3.Jerome Isma-ae - Vila Nova (Original Mix)
    4.X-Vertigo - Dark Xmas (Mike Foyle Bolted Mix)
    5.Kyau & Albert - Hooked On Infinity (Club Mix)
    6.Richard Durand - Into Something (Original Mix)
    7.Nadia Ali - Love Story (Andy Moor Vocal Mix)
    8 Heatbeat - Sxing (Original Mix)
    9.Marcus Schossow - Mr. White (Adrian T Edit)
    10.Ernesto & Bastian - Laserbrain (Original Mix)
    11.Ferry Corsten - Made Of Love (Original Mix)
    12.Jochen Miller - Face Value (Extended Mix)
    13 .Midway - Monkey Forest (Jonas Stenberg Remix)
    14.Boom & Jinx - Sunrise (Jaytech Remix)

    Darren Morfitt (Poland)

    -Sam Sharp - Roundabout (Original MIx) + Put Your Hands Up (Acapella) + We Made It (Acapella) + Selling Drugs (Acapella)
    -Marco V Vs Sander Van Doorn - What Say (Original Mix) + **** on Cocaine (Acapella) + We Made It (Acapella)
    -Tocadisco - Da Fuckin Noize (Darren Morfitt Edit)
    1.Chris De Seed - Linn (Willem Van Hanegem Mix) (Darren Morfitt Live Re-Edit)
    2.Patrick Placie & Frank Ellrich - Sticky Tape (Marcus Schossow Remix)
    3.Kamui - Exeded (Marcus Schossow Mix)
    4.Adam K and Soha - Long Distance (Re-Ward and Dr Willis Remix)
    5.Dr. Willis And Tyson Diorr - Saturday Night Fever (Re Ward Tchy Mix)
    6.TyDi - Is It Cold (Re-Ward Remix)
    7.Coldplay - 42 (Element One Mix)
    8.Marcus Schossow - From My Heart (Dub Mix)
    9.Ummet Ozcan - Timewave Zero (Original Mix)
    10.Artento Divini - Deepdown (Original Mix)
    11.Neal Scarborough - Panama (Paul Webster Remix)
    12.Alex Lamb - Eighty 7 (Original Mix)
    13.Killswitch - Loop Noir (Will Atkinson Midnight Remix)
    14.W&W - Arena (Original Mix)
    15.Armin van Buuren Ft.Cathy Burton - Rain (W&W remix)
    16.Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt - Not Enough Time (Club Mix)

    T.I.D.U.S (USA)

    01. Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Mr. Sam Remix)
    02. Joint Operations Centre - Bass Thing (Original Mix)
    03. Kamui - Electro **** (Original Mix)
    04. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (DJ Choose Remix)
    05. Mallorca Lee - Kiss It Better (Mac & Taylor Remix)
    06. Mark Sherry, Dr. Willis & James Allen - Sectioned (Ricky T = Antex Mix)
    07. Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face (Bryan Kearney & Barry Connell's Ressential Remix)
    08. Reflekt - Need To Feel Loved (Bart Claessen Bootleg Remix)
    09. Daft Punk - One More Time (Bryan Kearney's Planet Love Intro Mix)
    10. DJ Choose pres. Powersweep - Add More Balls (Original Mix)
    11. Barry Connell - Frizzbomb (Bryan Kearney's Twice As Bright Remix)
    12. Dave Schiemann - Shade (Bryan Kearney Remix)
    13. Yoji - Techy Techy (Scott Attrill aka Vinylgroover Remix)
    14. Mojado - El Matador (Original Mix)


    Hevy Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    Roxon Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    iLo Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    Bizon Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    maec Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    Darren Morfitt Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    T.I.D.U.S Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage | Free File Spreading Engine

    Megamix Live @ Trance Enenrgy Trance Club Stage by DJ Pravy | Free File Spreading Engine

    All files in standard quality :128kbs 44kHz Joint Stereo .
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