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Thread: Live Trance Sunday Mix

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    Live Trance Sunday Mix

    Hi Everyone,

    Here are the links to my live web radio show which I recorded last night 15.3.09 this is just under 2 hours long filled with the latest trance tracks from around the globe.Once I get the chance I'll re-edit the thread and fill in the tracklist!

    Direct Play Link:

    Download Link:


    Enjoy folks!!!

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    Play list as follows:

    Cruising - Nalin and Kane
    Faraway - Ron Van Den Beuken
    Harbour - Danilo Ercole
    Lunarium - Tritonal feat Christina Soto
    Neverland - Andy Blueman
    Boondocks - Truewave
    Escape - Pawel Meller
    Slider - Adam Nickey
    Mixed Emotions - Dreas Vs Jared Knapp
    Memento - Akira Kayaso
    Everyone Everywhere - ADS
    Tamam - Robert Gitelman
    Push - Nick Larson
    The Getaway - Trueform
    Reality - Identikal Adriz
    Sacred Whisper - Underwater
    Y68 - Woody Van Eyden

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