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Thread: Virtual DJ - Have you used this at a club?

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    Virtual DJ - Have you used this at a club?

    Just wanted to find out if any of you have used it at a club, or currently do use it at a club/gigs

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    I don't think I would as often as I've had it randomly crash or stop working properly while playing around at home. I did use it at a small house party and it was fine; but I'd be nervous in front of lots of strangers.

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    Thanks Phil ... That is one of my major concerns, crashing in the middle of a gig. I would be too embarassed.

    However, having everything on a laptop does make lugging around much easier ...

    Anyone else care to share there experiences

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    i never had it crash on me except under WINE but might depend on version, OS and environment. instability is always my biggest concern when dealing with software, esp. under winDOHs. i know some people use it for gigs without problems though, personally i wouldn't trust any software for a gig though. ::

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