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Thread: How Would You Describe The Emotions Felt While Listening to Trance?

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    How Would You Describe The Emotions Felt While Listening to Trance?

    Title says it all..I was wondering what you guys feel when you listen to this really awesome track you've never heard before but is absolutely amazing and you have to have it right after

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    personally i either like it at first listen or i don't
    i really don't understand the "didn't like it at first but the more i listen to it i'm starting to like it"
    reminds me of how subliminal messages work

    what impressed me about trance when i first started to listen is all the emotions, a well done non vocal track, can stir, pure and simple sounds only...same track today can make me happy and tomorrow can bring tears to my all depends on the psychological state i am in, i guess, but that does not affect my like or dislike for the particular track

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    I'm almost the same..the part about "learning to like it" is more of a "I wasn't paying attention the first time but when I heard it again by coincidence and I loved it"..I think that happened to me with a track like So High - Starchaser..

    But besides's either good or bad.

    What really sucks though, is that if you like a track alot..and you listen to it over and over day after day..the emotion goes away..but you know that the song is still awesome..

    That's when the search for newer tracks comes in

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    omg so high..... wat a track better with every listen. almost put me to sleep sometimes.
    but yeah it really depends on how your feeling at the time but it takes a good track to make you feel a certain way. Recently i find that the tracks that stick to me more are those that really hit me with something. great feeling when the synth just takes you over.
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    Hmmm, im not really certain but certain tracks like so high for example is a massive example on how it can stick to you when you put your ipod/mp3 player on random and suddenly the track starts playing..i just get all excited again..i think its the same with every track i get my hands on..some tracks will hit me head on and some will take awhile to warm up or i'll start liking it..but then it goes away but you'll always have that tingling feeling whenever you listen to it

    Trance just makes me happy and want to dance at the same time...such an amazing feeling

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    I feel i read my own text here :D

    Trance music is likely to make me happy, whatever emotional state i'm feeling...
    When i like a track, i'ts almost on the first listening. Sometimes, when relisten, i like it less... seemes to like more some tracks when part of a dj set

    But There are Some few tacks that I can listen indefinitely. My best example is "airbase - one tear away"... this track is simply perfect, I know that since 2007 and listen to it much... and it's still my preferred track !

    I can't explain why, but i feel dreaming... all my sadness, stress or whatever bad thinkings goes away while listening !

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    Wow..this is an old one..

    I discovered when listening to the really uplifting tracks ..I feel sadness, not happiness. But its the kind of sadness you know was evoked by the track, so it makes you happy again, happy that you're able to immerse yourself in the track..

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    It all depends on the style and quality of the track. I dont like the housey electro stuff thats around at the moment, more of a euphoric and pounding kinda guy myself!

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    It feels like getting a blowjob

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    ^ Right, wtf?

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    The chills down the back of the spine kinda songs seem to come up more than often on AH than other trance stations I have come i seem to be jumping on download links a lot haha...and I love it, I think I have felt pretty much every emotion possible besides anger while listening to Trance....

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    I don't know how one can even begin to describe the feeling. It is emotional, psychological, and a physical change in me when I hear that incredible song. (Which actually happens a lot [Ronny K does a lot of that for me]) But I think its simply incredible how sounds can alter a person so much, I think it is a beautiful thing.

    The first song that got me into the dance scene (Used to be into Death Metal, strange change right?) was Vibraspheres Erosion. That is an INCREDIBLE song to me.

    The song that got me into the Trance scene firmly was Walk With Me by Tritonal. That song, when I am sitting solidly more or less empty minded listening to music, still gives me shivers.

    My top 5 (That I can think of) in no particular order
    1: Daybreak-Tritonal
    2: Galaxia 2009-Treadstone
    3: Eternal Radiance-Tritonal
    4: Walk With Me-Tritonal
    5: Lost Together (AVB Mashup) Sophie Sugar vs Sunlounger

    Most of these come into play in my top 5 because these were some of the first best Trance songs I heard once introduced to Uplifting/Emotional.

    As for the feeling of a song going away, I have the self control to not ever listen to those rad songs that create such a change in me, so as to preserve that awesome feeling for years. I discovered Vibrasphere 2.5 years ago, and still Erosion will give me that same feeling. .. Electronic music is a wonderful gift. Long live Trance!
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