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Thread: mp3HD will it make it? or wont it?

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    mp3HD will it make it? or wont it?

    For those Australian's that just shop music, this may be a little heads up for you, whether it will become an accepted thing is yet to be seen!

    In short its called Mp3HD, same mp3 files with mathematically lossless compression by adding additional side information to the track. They are backwards compatible, so any player that doesnt have a decoder, can play the normal mp3 file as is!

    more information can be found HERE
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    I doubt it will catch on, only because you may as well just encode at a higher bitrate if you are noticing any quality issues, otherwise use flac.

    Free Lossless Audio Codec - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Also, if you need anything different on the player it may as well be a different standard.

    Really, the only upside to mp3HD is the compatibility of mp3

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