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Thread: Mp3HD will it make it? or wont it?

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    Mp3HD will it make it? or wont it?

    For those that just shop music, this may be a little heads up for you, whether it will become an accepted thing is yet to be seen!

    In short its called Mp3HD, same mp3 files with mathematically lossless compression by adding additional side information to the track. They are backwards compatible, so any player that doesnt have a decoder, can play the normal mp3 file as is!

    more information can be found HERE

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    Lol..I find that unnecessary honestly. It tells you it'll have more "information" in the files..its basically FLAC with backwards compatibility and a modern name. Heck, if the filesizes of Mp3HDs were the same as real lossless tracks it'd take quite long to download tracks (trance tracks can go up to 80mb or so per file)..Also, prices will probably rise for these files, moreso than for the WAV files

    Also can you imagine how much less tracks you can store on your portable media player? It's alright for HDD Media Players..but until a company like Creative Labs releases 64gb flash players, I don't see Mp3HD being a better choice for casual listeners..especially those that take their music on the road.

    Another problem arises from that: We've gotta wait til portable media player/digital audio player companies release new firmwares/products that support this new format. In a business perspective, if mp3HD replaces mp3s completely, it would make more sense to just create a new product and force users to buy it.

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    I don't think mp3HD can be as large as lossless, if so, why they produce HD...
    My guess is an 15mb trance track can go up to around 25mb.
    And if it sounds really better, why not ?
    So I'm with this idea.

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