Elektrotribe is proud to present his first mixed compilation at the occasion of the Winter Music Conference in Miami!
The compilation includes a selection of Elektrotribe newest tracks as well as a few promos of our upcoming releases,like the huge RSN08 track by Torro Remote , and the first collaboration between Moog Conspiracy & Breger. The one hour mix is delivered by Moog Conspiracy (Berlin). Push the volume & Enjoy The Mix!


01. Datensi - Oomph (Original Mix)
02. Moog Conspiracy - Back Door
03. Voodoo J - Dop Dop
04. The Free Electric Band - Audioman
05. Slepak - Reggs
06. Alex Tomb - The Gardens Of Babylon
07. Pete Nouveau - Hang The Canary
08. Torro Remote - RSN08 (Promo)
09. Breger & Moog Conspiracy - Hinterhalt (Promo)


Last releases :::
030 - Datensi Oomph
029 - Pete Nouveau - When Sounds Collide
028 - Slepak - Spirits