Ashish - Different Shades//2

1- David Trusz - All That Is Pure
2- Miika Kuisma - One Step Behind The Mankind
3- Matthew Dekay - If I Could Fly
4- Blank and Jones - Perfect Silence (Martin Roth St Kilda 5pm Remix)
5- Gustav - Unjula
6- Luke Chable - Shepherd
7- James Alexander And Pete Gawtry - Lost In You (Miika Kuisma Remix)
8- Latigidi - Its Time - Antidotes Elektrified Remix
9- Marcus Schossow And Thomas Sagstad - Svamptramp (Filterheadz Remix)
10- Uriel - Horizon (Hydroid Remix)
11- Roland Klinkenberg - Dusty Horizon (Max Graham Club Mix)
12- Hardy Heller & Inkfish - Darkness (Andre Absolut Remix)
13- Roland Klinkenberg - Monday Groove
14- Timmy & Tommy - Full Tiltin (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
15- TyDi - Is It Cold (Tenishia Remix)
16- Fretwell & Retroid - Vertical Horizon (Michael & Levan Remix)
17- Steve Allen And Ben Alonzi vs Mind Design - Devotion (Dj Brave Remix)

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I start this story describing every mood, every emotion, ups and downs in a man's life! Its a journey, its about those small moments in life which has to be admired. This time its a different experience, a different shade altogether.

1- "All That Is Pure" This is a tune which always keep you thinking, its a deep Introspection. One comes across the bitter reality of life.

2- "One Step Behind The Mankind" May sound like just another tune to you, this one is special in its own kind, this will grow on you. Its an addiction you would

not let go. You will understand the madness and love for it, its very difficult to make some one believe.

3-If I Could Fly" gives a lot of positivity and hope, sounds like a set builder or listen to it from a different point of view.

4-"Perfect Silence" "The most perfect silence is when there's no need of showing ,something is true ,when you see the same pictures ,from another point of view" . Its time you realize, you need to open your mind!

5-"Unjula" Just another chapter in this life, have you ever had moment when you smiled just for nothing at all. When things are working just your way. This is fits just like a sweet melodic progressive belter!

6-"Shepherd" starts slow and nice, untill you realize the true potential of the track, this one gets on to you right away. Feels like a strange adrenaline rush running through you. Its madness!

7-"Lost In You" Ever felt belonged, this is Love, this is the crave, its about the moment you want to be in forever.

8-"Its Time" is aggressive, very aggressive. Mind your knobs while playing with her.She bites, she bites hard!

9-"Svamptramp" is fun, its colorful, it adds life to this set. I ll say one always needs a push, push in right direction. Mind over matter!

10-"Horizon" This open up the set to a different direction, This melody is so pure, close your eyes and experience A mirage.

11-"Dusty Horizon" This is a better understanding of bass-driven-melodic-dark-progressive Trance sound. Yes its addictive. Yes is beautiful.

12-"Darkness" This is Energy, This is Aggression, This is Power. Ever felt moving into nothingness and something pulls you back in the groove! It was nothing but your own will.

13-"Monday Groove" this is one of the best tunes ,electronic music has to offer. The Built up, The loops, The Big room Sound. Respect the Power!

14-"Full Tiltin" I still remember the moment when i heard this one first time in a club, the lasers, the vibe! Always talking about tearing the roof apart!


15-"Is It Cold" This is a new beginning, a whole new chapter, this is a paradigm shift. We all need it. Its just a matter of time. One of the best releases of our time.

16-"Vertical Horizon" this one feels like you are drifting away, Long long breakdown, Strongly it settles down so well, you feel the change, you feel its comfort and gives a feeling of moving on in life and show you what more it has to offer.

17-"Devotion" The bassline,the melody,the synth.We are blessed!This is some thing i cant put in words,one needs to experience it