Style Angels Sessions Vol 15 "The Rebirth"
mixed by Style Angel

1.intro guitar ( Man On Fire)
2.Derek Recay- Cry To The Sky (Anguilla Project Remix)
3.Art of Trance- Madagascar (Richard Durand Remix)
4.Andrew Fields- Breeze of Spring ( Orginal Mix)
5.Angra Mainyu- When The Mind Has Time (Cylum Remix)
6.Marcos Feat. Emi Jarvi- Cosmic Strings ( Marcos Mix)
7.Dallaz Project- Double One (Oceania Remix)
8.Icone- The Touch of Summer
9.Paul Miller Pres. Motion Blur- Chieftec (Jonas Hornblad Remix)
10.Mallorca Lee- Kiss It Better ( Liam Melly Remix)
11.Urban Presents Cloudwalker- Hydral State ( Liquid Vision Remix)
12.BK- Truff Love

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