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Thread: RoachNationSessions Vol. One (disc one and tw)

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    RoachNationSessions Vol. One (disc one and tw)

    RoachNationSessions One - Disc One & Disc Two 2007

    mixed by thepharmacist (Canada)

    Listen at:


    Intro - djthepharmacist
    Screaming Hands - Josh Wink
    Creepy - Jens Mahlstedt and Andre Winter
    Can You Feel It - Czr feat. Alex Pearce
    Long Distance - Bushwacka
    I Feel Love - Donna Summer
    Shanghigh - D-Nox and Beckers
    Running From - Madox and John Acquaviva (Oliver Giacomotto mix)
    The Battle - Laurent Garnier and Bugge Wessell
    Cygnet Glace (Raudive remix) - Chrom
    Der Dritte Raum - Plutonium (pharmacist's Butch and Sundance re-edit)
    Hay Consuelo (Samim mix)- Pier Bucci
    Kisses - Audion


    listen at:


    Play Paul and Nicos Marcos - Breathe (Jan Driver Mix)
    Lee Mortimor - Mush
    Phones - Sharpen The Knives
    Budai and Vic - Follow Da Leader
    Tomas Andersson - Ofullstaendiga raettigheter
    Frivoulous - Soooo Savey
    Samim - Heater
    Mladen Tomic - Wind In The Spine
    Samuel L Session - Smokestack (SLS remix)
    CV313 - Subtraktive
    Rino Cerrone - Burnt It
    Hertz - Flipping Of Bits
    Dennis Ferrer - Transitions

    The whole 2-hour set can also be downloaded at:

    Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!

    This tech-house, techno set broadcast originally out of The Netherlands in autumn 2007. It was then picked up and played in N.America, UK, and Australia.

    This is a total, in-the-studio mix as I'd been asked to submit a show for a radio show. I wanted to create something that listeners would want to put on their headphones very late at night and recreate that aura of the early '70s listening experience, say, Eno, Can, or Pink Floyd.....a little lofty, I know (Thus the reason I'd thought of naming it Dark Side of the Spoon!!! hmmm!!! A bottle of vodka convinced me to rename it !!)

    This was one of the first sets where I remixed a lot of tracks and added a lot of hidden material. Hope you spot it all??

    Recently, a friend on the west coast of Canada asked me for a copy, and I decided that it might be a good idea to post it here for comments, thoughts. I have to say, in hindsight, there's a couple of tracks that I wouldn't play now, but that was then, and all seemed well.

    In the meantime, the set is 2-hours long, so make sure you bring lots of coffee and biscuits.....oh yeah! And a Shetland pony, just in case!

    peace and respect

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