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Thread: Sindre Eide interview

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    Sindre Eide interview

    Check out the new interview with Sindre Eide here:
    Enhanced Recordings Forum • View topic - Sindre Eide interview

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    Sindre Eide is a new and young artist coming from the cold norths of Norway. Although his childhood was spent singing, and playing rock and pop music. Sindre discovered EDM-dance music around year 2001. After a long pursuit of trance and progressive knowledge, Sindre finally started to produce trance-music in 2005.
    At the tender age of 15, he signed his first deal. Not long after, a deal with Enhanced Recordings appeared and Sindre stepped into the trance-scene quicker than imagined. With a progressive sound with of uplifting elements , Sindre is ready to capture listeners with his sound. With plays from the likes of Markus Schulz and Andy Moor, Sindre will be sure to bring you more beats in the near future.
    Sindre Eide vs. Aimar - Alive Again [Mainframe]
    Sindre Eide - Only When I Sleep [Enhanced]
    Sindre Eide - Essentia [Enhanced]

    Acute - Citadel (Sindre Eide Remix) [Infrasonic]
    Anhken pres. Frysta - If Not Me (Sindre Eide Remix) [Enhanced]

    Masters Series Vol. 1 mixed by: Will Holland, Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden
    Digitally Enhanced Vol. 2 mixed by: Will Holland

    Q: Heya Sindre how are you and what are you doing right now?
    A: I am doing very good, thanks! Just found out Ferry Corsten supported Essentia yesterday, so I am sitting at school in this frenzy trying to stay calm. So obviously, everything is superb..

    Q: The sun is shining where I am at. How is the weather in Norway at the moment and where exactly in Norway are you based?
    A: Right now there are dark clouds everywhere, but no rain. Which is sort of strange since I'm living on the westside of Norway, Bergen, where the rain is non-stop. So we're hoping for the spring to return any day soon.

    Q: Yes. Bring on the spring. Ok, so Sindre when you are not tweaking those knobs in the studio what do you do then?
    A: When I'm not in the "studio", I study. I'm currently studying music, and it takes a lot of energy and time. I cannot complain though, because I am having a blast. So basically music is my life. What I've been doing for 2 years now is singing and dancing everyday, doing musicals and hanging with hardcore rockers that really hate trance music. Haha!

    Q: Sounds like a huge step but interesting. Do you see it as a risk to go all in on the music and does your family support you?
    A: I really don't know yet if music is the way to go, but that is why it's good to have three years of studying music so you can figure that out. My family has been so supportive for my music and all the other activities I do. I feel really lucky to have them standing next to me cheering, no matter what I choose to do. Off course there is a certain risk to go all in on the music, because very few really succeeds and makes it in the music industry. I'd like to think though if you really want something and work hard for it, you can succeed. You just need that strength. It's a tough business. So if music is the future, we'll just have to wait and see.

    Q: It is always good to be backed up by ones family and friends. How did a guy like you stumble upon a genre like trance?
    A: I have no idea really why I'm so interested in trance, or any kind of electronica really. I still remember being just 8 and seeing Tiesto for the first time on the Norwegian version of "Top of the Pops". It instantly appealed to me, and after that it always has been my favourite genre of music.

    Q: How is the electronic dance music scene in Norway and has it evolved over the past few years? And of course, is there any room for trance?
    A: The electronic dance music scene in Norway has grown a lot these years. We have a lot of talented producers doing it really big like Orjan, Boom Jinx, FKN and The Blizzard. Although the clubbing environment is probably near to nothing. I am not 18 yet, so I really haven't looked into EDM-nights, if there are any at all. Around 1999 though Trance was huge in Norway, but then it got a bad reputation because of narcotics. Of course I think there's room for trance, but it all comes down to people opening up their minds and expanding their horizons. Not everything has to be popular music.

    Q: These days everybody seems to start promoting themselves as a DJ shortly after their first single release. Your age aside, have you considered the same, and why (or why not)?
    A: I have considered it yes. Some years ago I tried to DJ, but gave up and started producing instead. I would love to give it a go, because I have had loads of requests from clubs and such, and I have been invited to play at Enhanced events. Maybe I'll have to hook up my turntables now! Hehe.

    Q: The digital revolution brought a few new things to the scene. Top jocks like Paul van Dyk and Sasha are doing just about every live set DJ software tools. What do you think about this?
    A: For me, I really love the feel of vinyl and I know many feels the same way. I don't mind though people going digital, I just like to keep it a tad retro with the decks. Especially when you get your own name printed on one!

    Q: Who is your current favourite DJ?
    A: My current favourite DJs has to be.. Above & Beyond. Will always stay number one! Still have to see them one day though when I turn 18.

    Q: Back to the digital revolution subject; these days there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small 'digital only' labels. Do we really need all of these and are they doing more bad than good?
    A: In my opinion we don't need more small "digital" labels. We have too many of them, and alot of them focuses on the same thing. So I don't see the point in making replicas of the same thing. I also get the feeling sometimes that people start labels to release their own music, and that probably is one of the reasons for the over flood. As many people say, if you sift through stores as you'll find that 95% is pure c*** music because of these small labels. Quality over quantity, I'd say!

    Q: All of these labels have made it much easier for the little guy to get his productions out there. Unfortunately a lot of low quality productions are being put out there today and even supported. When did you decide to send your first demo and did you set up any demands for yourself in terms of quality?
    A: The thing is that when you are young, and you think you have something quality going on. You don't, unless you are extremely good that is. I am so embarrassed really, when 2 years back I was sending out demos that sounded like crap. I had only produced for a year, and I didn't really have any standards of what I thought was good. I just produced something and asked for opinions. The moment people said "I like this", that was kind of a green light for me sending out demos. So I was kind of naive, but I think it has helped me a lot. Sending out demos got me in touch with a lot of great people that helped me with my producing. Enhanced are picky with what they release and always try to get the best finished track / improve tracks before release.

    Q: When and how did you find that special signature sound that you are known for today. Was this a long process or did you know exactly which sound you wanted to bring accross?
    I really have no idea what kind of special signature sound I have. These years I've been wobbling back and forth with uplifting trance and progressive trance. So I guess I just settled to something in between. What I want to produce really depends of what mood I'm in. Sometimes I get really inspired by acts like Roger Shah, and then I think "Holy s**t, I need to make something balearic like that". Other times it may be minimal techno or some strange housemusic.
    I really don't want to decide on one special subgenre of trance, I think that makes a producer boring.
    You need to show versatility. All in all, it was a very short process for me. Sound comes and goes.

    Q: In the whole production process; what is your favourite part to do?
    A: That's a toughy. For me getting a good beat is what starts everything. It sounds strange, but once I have a bassline or beat going I know what melodies I can make to it. I've always said to myself that percussion and beats are the hardest thing, but I think also they are the most fun to make.
    Also melodies don't just pop up in my head. They come together when I sit at the piano, laying my head on some of the keys.

    Q: I am sure a lot of people are interested in knowing what studio equipment you have. Also please let us know what your favourite tool is, be it a vst, a real instrument or some useful software.
    A: Sorry to disappoint you all, but my one and only favourite tool is: Reason 3.04.
    I haven't produced with anything else these years. I think it's probably time for me to try out VST's though. It's just that I've been so attached to the simplicity of Reason, and I don't want to let it go. So I am trying to milk everything out of Reason before I move on to the next thing. Haha.

    Q: This one is for the Reason users then; do you have a favourite sound module in Reason?
    A: Probably the simplest one. The Subtractor! You can tweak for hours.

    Q: I have heard that you also play an instrument. Please tell us a bit about that.
    A: I don't really play an instrument. My main instrument these years has been my voice.
    I've been singing all my life, doing musicals, concerts and shows. You name it. Currently I am doing the premiere of Miss Saigon here in Norway, so everything that I learn in school will come in handy here. I've always wanted to sing on my tracks, but then again I am too picky. So I get others to do the job. Haha. Also as you may have heard in the tracks, I do play the piano.. Occasionally.

    Q: You are still young and a year has still not passed since your successful single called "Only When I Sleep" got released. On your journey, what has so far been the best experience?
    A: There have been so many. Although I need to choose last week as a whole experience. It was probably week of the year for my music. I got support from Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Above & Beyond. My goal one year back was to get played on my favourite shows and by my favourite dj's before I turned 18. Now I have managed all of them, so I think it's time for me to retire. Haha. I think the best one has to be Above & Beyond though. They have been my favourite act ever all these years, and when they played a remix that I did for Sasha Virus, I just died inside. Even though it was not an original of mine, it still has my touch to it. My dream came true!

    Q: Without mentioning any big rockbands are there certain people that you would love to work with?
    A: When it comes to collaborations, I think I'm the world’s most retarded person. People have their way of working, and I have my own. My way of producing may be the worlds simplest, but in the eyes of others it may be the most horrendous. Before I can willingly dare to collaborate with producers, I need to get my act together and know what I am doing first. Haha!
    Off course there are people that I want to work with, but they are too high up in the career ladder for me... for now. Hehe, just kidding.

    Q: So, you’re an Enhanced Recordings artist with 2 releases and 2 remixes and even more stuff coming up. Your collaboration with Danish producer Mark Andréz was aired on this months Enhanced Recordings Radio Show. Do you have more projects in store for Enhanced?
    A: Off course! I am going to a do a remix as we speak, but I cannot reveal the tune quite yet. As for originals, I don't have anything ready at the moment. I will make one soon though, I just need to top Essentia somehow. Haha!
    Q: While we are at 'Enhanced'; are there any current tunes, forthcoming tunes or any artist from the label that you are digging?
    A: I am so loving MoodFreaks stuff at the moment. After I heard his stuff on the Digitally Enhanced vol.2 compilation, I completely fell in love with his funky stuff. "In Your Face" is probably one of my favourite tunes of this year! So I cannot wait to hear more from him.

    Q: Please let us know your current music top 5.
    1. Breakfast - Remember
    2. Alphabeat - Fascination
    3. Trentemøller - Chameleon
    4. Mat Zo - Lucky Strike
    5. Røyksopp - Happy Up Here

    Q: Tell us 2 or 3 things that we definitely do not know about you?
    A: 1. I started to dance swing when I was eight years old, and continued for six whole years. Took a pause for two years, but recently started taking modern classes.
    2. Have only seen one live trance act in my whole life. That was Menno De Jong when I was 14.
    What I didn't know was that I actually met DJ Paul Moelands, while I was yelling my ass off trying to get in touch with Menno. Mr. Paul helped me get him, and I met one of my idols. Actually two! Thanks Paulie!
    3. I am strangely fascinated by Gossip Girl. Only seen 2 episodes though.. heh...

    Q: Thank you for this interview Sindre and all the best wishes. Before we let you go, now is the time let us know a little about forthcoming material.
    A: Thanks for the cool interview mate, here is some info about forthcoming material.
    I have a lot of exciting stuff going on at the moment, but I have some that is forthcoming soon.
    My remix of Sasha Virus's "2Gether We Are" is coming in May, and it has received support from the likes of Armin, Above & Beyond, Adam Nickey and Alex M.O.R.P.H.
    I made a track with Mark Andrèz called "Forget Me", which is being released on Enhanced Recordings. I can tell there is an Adymus remix coming along with it.
    I also have a progressive track with the vocalist Cat Martin. The track is called "Give It Up", and we're in talks with a really cool label. Unfortunately I cannot really confirm stuff at the moment but will give info as soon as things have settled. Cheers!!

    Sasha Virus feat. Dilara - 2gether We Are (Sindre Eide Remix) [Enhanced]
    Eide & Andréz - Forget Me [Enhanced]

    Buy Sindre Eide's new single "Essentia" here:

    Sindre Eide on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Enhanced Recordings:
    Enhanced Recordings : Home

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    I have updated the first post. So no need for heading to the Enhanced forums first.

    Cheers and please support "Essentia" if you like it :p

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    Sindre Eide

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