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Thread: Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky [Unearthed Records] OUT 20.04.2009

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    Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky [Unearthed Records] OUT 20.04.2009

    Unearthed Records are proud to present Dmitry Bessonov's debut single Above In The Sky. Dmity's original is an uplifting trancer with an epic breakdown and an incredibly catchy riff.

    The first remix comes courtesy of Unearthed resident producers, C-Systems. Their remix provides a great driving bassline, vocal sweeps and of course that catchy main riff for peak time club use.

    Next up, fresh from their release of Solve The Cube is Elucidate who offer a more progressive and techy rework. Their remix contains a melodic breakdown which builds in Elucidate trademark style before kicking in with a driving techy beat to make you get your groove on.

    Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic give us the next remix in the package. This version is a 4 to the floor style affair with a great beat, lovely acid stabs, a breakbeat mid-section and of course that epic riff at the heart of the track.

    Completing the package is a remix from another great new talent, Ultimate. The final remix is a melodic Anjuna-style affair. Ultimate's remix has a great buildup, a soothing breakdown and an epic mainsection with some lovely plucks that blend with the main riff superbly.

    Release info:

    Release date: 20th April 2009

    1. Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky "Original Mix" [Sample]
    2. Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky "C-Systems Remix" [Sample]
    3. Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky "Elucidate Remix" [Sample]
    4. Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky "Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic Remix" [Sample]
    5. Dmitry Bessonov - Above In The Sky "Ultimate Remix" [Sample]

    Available from:

    CDJShop "Here"
    Juno "Here"

    and various others!

    w: Unearthed Records | Home

    Support from: 4 Strings, Activa, Adam Nickey, Airbase, Andy Moor, Bjorn Akesson, Bobina, Dale Corderoy, Daniel Kandi, Danjo & Styles, Digital Nature, Dj Shah, Fast Distance, Jon O'Bir, Kamil Polner, Les Hemstock, Luke Terry, Manuel le Saux, Michael Angelo, MIKE, Pedro Del Mar, Randy Boyer, Sean Tyas, Sebastian Brandt, Sied van Riel, Signum, Tenthu, Tillmann Uhrmacher, Tom Colontonio, Cliff Coenraad, Suzy Solar and many more!

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    Loving three mixes in this release! Supported C-Systems remix! Really like those chanting vocal bits in it. Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic remix, huge bassline! Ultimate Remix, first was my favorite mix until i heard C-systems remix... Sounds bit anjunabeats bassline and reminds me of Oceanic.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    I really like Ultimate Remix, but I'm also a huge fan of the C-System Remix, amazing release

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    Great release!!!!

    What happened to Abstract Vision vs Elite Electronic Remix????w aiting for proper version.......
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    awesome release, i'm under impression

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    Thanks for the comments

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    I like most of the mixes

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    Above The Sky
    i am such a addict from ultimate's sound, its the best version from the whole package for me

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    the whole release is amazing. loving C-systems remix the most then original then the rest.

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    Definitely a release to be proud of!

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