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Thread: Sunquest feat. Josie - A Little Bit Special [Infrasonic]

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    Sunquest feat. Josie - A Little Bit Special [Infrasonic]

    Finally something new from one of my favourite producers. Mr. Sunquest is back! He has had several succesful projects going and among them: Electric Pulse, Ronnie Allstar and Summer Sessions. He has had releases on labels such as Black Hole, Flashover, Bonzai, Fraction and now also Infrasonic Recordings. The remix package contains 2 remixes from 3 Swedish fellows and 1 from a Polish Anjunabeats artist. On the vocal duties we have Jaren's (of Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren) sister whom have already had big releases with names such as Pulser and Arnej.

    Original Mix (7:42)
    The first thing I notice is the way Sunquest lifts the percussion by gradually elevating it by boosting the volume, perhaps by using a filter. The rhythms are beginning to shine thus a few add-ons appears and a simple bass starts humming. The melodies are beginning to set in elegantly and they all have a lush summer sound to them. The leads are big and bright and are all going so well hand-in-hand. Josie's vocal is flawless, but the lyrics can be discussed. The chorus for example does not deliver this big punch, as in for example Andrelli & Blue's "Imagine" which was also released on Infrasonic. Still I think the lyrics stand out from the crowd and the whole production is well thought through and an overall pleasent affair. Most importantly Sunquest keeps clear of long tiring breakdowns which is a big plus in my book.

    Airbase Remix / Dub (7:10)
    Airbase is a talented producer and not alot of artist have not achieved as much as he has. This production is quite soft. The percussion is very well arranged and balanced. The melodies are a bit squeeky, and perhaps a bit too squeeky. Most likely a matter of taste but I would have wished for a different lead line. The vocal does still fit in and a few other synth lines plus the choirs are a pleasure to listen to.

    Sundriver Remix (8:14)
    Great progressive trance kick, some hi hats and a few sweeping vocal bits; this is how Sundriver starts out. The well-known and warm bass is added and it is exactly in the style as in some of the Sundriver productions we saw last year. The little delicious synth starts to flow, together with another synth which basically paints a colourful background in the track. The break is all about pads, a full-on typical Sundriver melody, which maybe steals the spotlight from Josie. I would have preferred a little more development from Sundrivers part in this mix but at the end of the day he has still delivered a quality mix. Perfect for the summer.

    Andrelli & Blue Remix / Dub (6:00)
    The track starts out very quick as if it was a radio friendly cut. Andrelli & Blue plays around with some good trancey melodies but the bass is slightly annoying and the kick feels a bit out of place. When the vocals are setting in a tech theme is launched, which is being lead by a vocal bit with some distortion. This transites to a heavy lead bass.

    I am far from dissapointed by the original version. Sunquest delivers as expected and so does Josie. I feel that the Sundriver sound is perhaps getting a bit too overused now. His style is perfect for this sort of track but if you have listened to the productions he released in 2008 this will be the same and I would have appreciated some improvement or development in his sound. I expected the Airbase mix to be more energetic than it is, but the technical quality is top notch and certain sound elements in his mix are outstanding. I cannot really understand the Andrelli & Blue mix. It feels rushed and incomplete. There is no doubt; I strongly recommend the original version and the Sundriver remix which are both excellent.

    Exclusive to Audiojelly:
    SUNQUEST FEAT. JOSIE :: A LITTLE BIT SPECIAL :: Audiojelly Dance Music Download Site

    Full release on: 04.05.2009

    Infrasonic Recordings : Home
    Sunquest Productions
    Airbase Music - News

    Infrasonic-Recordings on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    Sunquest on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    Airbase on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    Sundriver on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    Andrelli & Blue on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    Please feel free to comment in this thread

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    This one bore me to death.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    I like this one

    Has a nice summer beach vibe to it

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    weird release, I'm not interesting in none of those remixes
    Stolen by Nav <3

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