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Thread: Dj Emdee Releases His First Album Summer 2009

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    Thumbs up Dj Emdee Releases His First Album Summer 2009

    Mohamad Jabre (a.k.a. Emdee) was born in Tripoli, Lebanon on March 10 , 1988. He is a trance and house DJ/producer who comes from a music-oriented family. He learnt to play the piano and some other instruments at a young age, music then became a part of life.

    The end of 2007, Emdee began spreading his music by DJing in clubs but for him the full experience becomes real when his music starts playing in the biggest clubs and venues all over the world
    Emdee first big break through release starts with
    Paul Allen – Overload (Estigma & Emdee Remix) (Crystal Source Recordings) Released February 26th 2009

    Emdee is also working currently on his first artist album, collaborating with many local and international djs and vocalists, hoping to finalize it by summer 2009.



    Emdee - Sky Diving

    Label : Shah Music ( TBR )


    Raneem & Emdee - Breathing Last

    Label : Crystal Source Recordings ( TBR )


    Emdee Vs.Estigma & Ben Alonzi - Cold Night

    Label : Amon Records ( TBR )


    Paul Allen - Overload ( Emdee & Estigma Remix )

    Label : Crystal Source Recordings


    For bookings, email Emdee:
    or call 70275394

    Join Emdee's Group On Facebook (Created By Ali N) ---> DJ Emdee | Facebook
    View Emdee's Profile On MySpace --->


    Video I created for his song Skydiving(found on myspace)
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