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Thread: SystemBot vs. 33 feat. Costa - Never Be Alone [Monster Tunes]

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    SystemBot vs. 33 feat. Costa - Never Be Alone [Monster Tunes]

    Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Justin Astbury and Rob Bianchetti have been collaborating to form a project known as SystemBot, who have already seen big support from John Askew with their more techier sound. These guys are one of the most respected Live and production acts to come out of the Adelaide dance scene in recent years. Together here they have teamed up with producer '33' and breaking the mould with the traditional female vocals, this collaboration have opted for vocalist Costa to deliver this fine male vocal trancer 'Never Be Alone'.


    Nitrous Oxide Remix / Nitrous Oxide Vocal Remix
    You can easily sense that this track is created for the big rooms. It has got a heavy bottom-end with the pounding kick drums, nice use of percussion and some thick layers of synth lines. The whole chord progression and construction is memorable and could best be described as 'lush'. Nitrous Oxide created a really strong instrumental here and combined with the vocals, this makes quite an anthem of a tune. The song itself is quite easy to memorize and the chorus is perfect to sing along to. This tune put a big smile on my face. Pure uplifting and feel good masterpiece from Nitrous Oxide.

    Instrumental Mix / Original Mix
    The original version has a slighly more techy edge, still keeping things trancey by injecting an in-your-face supersaw in the climax and building things up with a more soft arpeggio. Great use of percussion in the intro - brings a great atmosphere to the track and the reverb and eq is spot on. Were the Nitrous Oxide version is strictly a peak-time tune, this would work wonders in the build-up.

    I am completely hooked on the Nitrous Oxide vocal version. The male vocal and the uplifting sounds of Krzysztof Pretkiewicz are in perfect harmoni and the chorus has been with me for a few weeks now. What is even better is that the instrumental version from Krzysztof is not missing anything without the vocals from Costa. People seem to build productions around the vox these days, which is a shame, but this is not the case on this record. Best record from Monster Tunes so far this year!

    Where can I get it?

    Beatport Exclusive:

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    3rd Moon / Systembot vs 33 "Monster EP 001 [Monster026/027] 3rd Moon - Bliss / Systembot vs 33 Feat Costa - Never Be Alone" [Vinyl] | Monster Tunes Vinyl | Monster Tunes | Labels |

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    Nitrous Oxide Remix is decent.
    Kind of monotone. Getting bored of his sounds now.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    n20 remix is great. i like.

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    OMFG!!! N2O ftw

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