I'm Going To Get You - Jody 6

Featured Track:
Jody 6 has been smashing it on Trackitdown since day one. When we went live back in 2004, Jody was one of our first supporters and we're proud to see him keeping the vibes strong ever since. Classic diva vocals and hoover hybrid hard trance melodies powerful enough to launch the space shuttle. This is what he does best and you'll love it too! OWN IT!

My Night - Tru - D vs Paul F

Featured Track:
Massive hard trance from the ever reliable Presence Hard Trance camp that is going to blow you away. The melody is full bore and oh so powerful and Tru-D and Paul F combine to release a sonic soundclash of epic proportions. Lovers of Carl Nicholson, Iridium, SQ and all the new school hard trancers will be all over this anthem. FULLY CHARGED!


D4rk - The L4dder

Featured Track:
UK hardstyle production pioneer D4RK has been beavering away for years developing his style and here we see one super accomplished anthem that'd stand up against any Dutch release. Pure European flavours with an excellent horror film vocal sample and elevating melody that will please all lovers of the genre. More please baby!