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Thread: C Systems - Heat/Falling EP [Unearthed Red]

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    C Systems - Heat/Falling EP [Unearthed Red]

    C-Systems - Heat / Falling

    Norwegian trio C-Systems bring to us an epic EP hot on the heels of their release Close Your Eyes and remix of November Mourning.

    First up is Heat, featuring the awesome vocals of Hanna Finsen. The original mix of Heat contains a great driving bassline and an almost Cosmic Gate-esque style lead with Hanna's vocals delicately interwoven into the track.

    The first remix comes courtesy from Elucidate. As always, Elucidate have given the track a complete workover, blending progressive, techy and uplifting elements in their own unique style.

    Next up is a remix by Unearthed's most recent signing, Trance Arts. Trance Arts' remix is a peak time dancefloor affair with epic riffs sure to send any crowd into a frenzy.

    The last remix comes courstesy of Björn Hödel and Luke Terry. Hodel & Terry's Summer Sun Mix gives the track a more clubby feeling with added vocal chops, driving bassline, acid stabs and plucky Anjuna-style lead to get you to throw your hands up in the air and keep them there!

    C-Systems have also teamed up with vocalist Aina Haaland to give a great b-side to the release entitled Falling. Falling is a more laid back affair with as great melody and progressive untertones completing the release in a way only C-Systems can.

    01 C-Systems - Heat (Original Vocal Mix)
    02 C-Systems - Heat (Original Dub)
    03 C-Systems - Heat (Elucidate Remix)
    04 C-Systems - Heat (Trance Arts Remix)
    05 C-Systems - Heat (Hodel & Terry's Summer Sun Remix)
    06 C-Systems - Heat (Hodel & Terry's Summer Sub Dub)
    07 C-Systems - Falling

    I cant decide which mix I like best out of the Original Vox & Hodel+Terry Remix.

    A brilliant release from Unearthed though, hopefully they can continue to release tracks of this quality. Onwards and upwards I hope.

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    massive release loving all the mixes

    loving all productions of C-Systems
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Original and Trance Arts Remix freaking great! \o/
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Hodel & Terry's Summer Sub Dub

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    Quote Originally Posted by outofspace View Post
    Hodel & Terry's Summer Sub Dub
    Almost Just the Hodel & Terry's Summer Sun Remix Vocal is amazing too

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    Getting lots of good feedback on this release

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    label getting better and better will play this for sure, keep up the great work guys

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