HarderEdge Show on Slinky.fm Friday 24th April 2009

Hour 1:


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Brent Sadowick VS Deadmau5 - Not Exactly a Bootleg
Gossip - Standing in the way of control (Brent Sadowick Mix)
Night Liberator - Artificial Pervasion
Shusei VS Ryoji Takahashi - Revolver (Andy Richmond Mix)
Ryoji Takahashi - Breeze (Andy Richmond Mix)
Andy Richmond - Ram It
Andy Richmond - Euphoric Edge
Darude - Sandstorm (Tom Hafman Mix)
George-s - Tube
Sam Punk - Wanna Feel The Heat
Lisa Lashes / Alex Kidd / Kidd Kaos - Nu Religion

Hour 2:


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Shusei VS Ryoji Takahashi - Revolver (Slinky Edit)
Overflow - Affect (Ricky T VS Antex Mix)
Mad Child VS The Third Man - Progress Program
Ricky T - The Age Of Techno
Andy Richmond - Euphoric Edge (The Third Man Mix)
Night Liberator - Real Spirit
Mad Child - Hanging
Unknown - Make Your Move (Ryoji Takahashi Mix)
Will Atkinson - Slipped Disk (Overflows Rockin 135 Mix)
Ryoji Takahashi - Tyrant
The Third Man - Wish

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