Style Angels Sessions Vol 16 "Humanity"
mixed by Style Angel

1.intro Blood Diamond
2.Marcie & Damien S- Love Me and Leave Me (James Nelson Leave Me Remix)
3.My Digital Enemy & Carl Hanagha- Atlas (Vision Factory Remix)
4.Leko feat. Lolievox- Conscious Life ( Noel Sanger Remix)
5.Dinka- Canonball ( Claes Rosen Remix)
6.Paul Keeley- Doormatica (Orginal Mix)
7.Yaroslav Kulikov- Sunset ( Fashion Police Remix)
8.Yvel & Tristan feat. Chriss- Panama ( Human8 Remix )
9.Julio feat. Freddy Lopez Javi Always- Fantasy (Orginal Mix)
10.16 Bit Lolitas & Ohmna- Magetsu (Special Outro Mix)
11.Dennis Sheperd- Black Sun ( Orginal Mix) - online file sharing and storage - download Style Angels Sessions Vol 16.mp3