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Thread: Mark Eteson feat. Dan Stone - Midas Touch [Monster Force]

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    Mark Eteson feat. Dan Stone - Midas Touch [Monster Force]

    The long awaited 'Midas Touch' is finally here. Mark Eteson is making a return from his recent, chart topping single 'The Hymn' which was released on Anjunabeats. This single is featuring another producer from the UK, Dan Stone. Monster Force has been all silent since 1 year ago but is now back in top form with a fresh uplifter.

    Onova Remix
    Energetic from the very beginning with the claps, hi hats, hard kicks and rolling synth sounds. Variations of cold metallic sounds are popping in before the main melody and the bassline starts to work. Slowly the melody evolves and moves towards a chill out themed break. Following an upward scale the melody builds and explodes in euphoria with a thick supersaw lead.

    Original Mix
    The original version is much different from the remix. The bassline chord are much more bouncey opposed to the classic rolling effect. The tune is backed up with a vocal bit; used in the same way as a backup synth line, rather than an actual vocal. Again, the metallic sounds and acid lines are all over - and it's really working! The break can be summed up with a few satisfying words: guitar, soft pads and the perfect melody build.

    It is all about the original version here. We are dealing with a tune of just about the same quality as earlier released monster ' The Hymn' - perhaps not as unique with the huge break loaded with choirs but it wrap things up well without inducing a cliché sounding drop. Mark Eteson is a man on the rise!


    Preview and grap @ Audiojelly


    Preview and grap @ CDJshop


    Monster Tunes @ WWW
    Mark Eteson @ Myspace
    Dan Stone @ Myspace
    Onova @ Myspace

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    wow Onova Remix and Original are massive \o/

    great release
    Stolen by Nav <3

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    Boring release to me. Nothing special.
    Stealing Aga <3

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    Onova remix is nice. thats the only one i heard. lol

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    lololol its very old.onova remix is sickkk! \o/

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