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    any of you into the hard genre's of music? hardcore, hard trance, hardstyle, dutch hardcore? anything with a thumpin hard kick?

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    I've been experimenting with hardhouse in an attempt to appeal to the local crowd. They want electro house, I like progressive trance. I do enjoy Yoji's sound, though, so I'm hoping that will be appealing to the locals whilst still playing something I enjoy.
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    i dont really like hard house, you do get the odd tune thats ok. i do like ardcore, hardstyle & hard trance tho

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    hey there

    hardstyle isn't so bad at all, went to this party a couple oof weeks ago, with the famous dj Prophet. He did a good job..
    if you feel like listening to some hardstyle or hardcore, you can also go to for some special tracks.
    just check it out some time..
    just lovin' trance

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