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Thread: Mike Nichol - Morning Kiss [Infrasonic Gold]

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    Mike Nichol - Morning Kiss [Infrasonic Gold]

    You are probably thinking "don't I know this tune?", and you are right, you probably do. "Morning Kiss" is an Infrasonic classic and one of the most memorable tunes from the label. The tune which is by Mike Nichol was originally released in 2007 and is now getting a re-release with a remix from one of the hottest names in trance - Rob Stevenson aka Activa. This is exactly what you can expect from Infrasonic Gold in the future.

    Activa Remix
    There is no mistaking here. This is without a doubt another winner from Activa. It has got that hard signature bassline of his and around the 3 minute mark the slamming shell cracks and introduces a magic atmosphere packed with pleasent pads. No over-top-supersaws or anything that breaks the perfect mood, only smooth and toned down melodies. Also what I quite like about this tune is that it is build on a lot of Activa's own ideas. It so happens that remixes end up sounding the same with just a few modifications to the lead sounds. So this mix is far from sounding like a simple rework.

    Original Mix
    Infrasonic gained a lot by releasing this tune. A massive support list and surely also put their name on the label map. A must have for any Mike Nichol fan.

    Morning Kiss is one of my personal favourites from Mike Nichol and for me, no remixer can top it! Activa does make a great alternative as his mix is different stylewize. I reckon the Activa mix would work better on a dancefloor cause of the style and the technical aspect of the production, which is slightly superior to the original mix.

    Exclusive: 18/05/2009
    Full release: 01/06/2009

    Infrasonic @ WWW

    Mike Nichol @ Myspace
    Activa @ Myspace

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    Really loved the original when I first heard Ronski speed play it. Activa remix is decent.. But his remix doesn't really add anything new to the track and I would get bored of it after few listens.
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    Activa remix

    at the beginning sounds like Dinka - Temptation (Paul Trainer Remix) seems like whole GB is producing with the same pads

    I also loving the original
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    really boring now, nothing special..

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    A great re-release, I already had the original from 2007 but I really dig the Activa remix - its got that classic Activa feel to it and I definitely recommend everyone get it!

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    its an awesome track i love the activa mixxx!
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    only the original is good.

    activa should've left this track alone

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    amazing tune and remix of activa

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    Just Loved The Original Awesome

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