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Thread: JayCan - The Essential Mix Part One

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    JayCan - The Essential Mix Part One

    Hi there

    Yesterday was the day....after i had this mix in mind over a long time and never find the time or the muse to do it , yesterday it happened.

    Inspired by my dear friend LAZARUS and his I AM DJ COMPETITION MIX and hearing one of the old Essential mixes by Paul Oakenfold i did my first essential mix

    im very happy about that and want it to share with you

    it includes alot of new tracks and also a handfull of older ones you all know

    The Tracklist is just ...puh...yess i just mixed and so it can be different of that what you read here..

    if you find any mistake pls feel free to overwrite the tracklist

    here we go...

    1 Pedro del Mar vs Estigma Angels in the Dark Marco Torrance Filmbient Mix
    2 Schiller Stille Album Version
    3 Ingsha Nirvana Original Mix
    4 Dyor & Friend Sashimi Neverending Dyor Mix
    5 High Noon @ Salinas Whales Original Rework
    6 Faruk Sabanci Leaving Ankara Original Mix
    7 DJ Substance Miles Away DJ Substance Remix
    8 Rozza London to Bangkok Harris C Remix
    9 Dragor Nebula Original Mix
    10 Stoneface & Terminal Blueprint Club Mix
    11 ID ID
    12 Mike Foyle Pandora The Blizzard Remix
    13 Manuel Le Saux Reflex Original Mix
    14 Torsten Stenzel Requiem Classic Version
    15 Schiller Das Glockenspiel Live Version
    16 Airwave Bartignolles Blues - ??
    17 Luke Terry Tears of Disbelief Original Mix
    18 Claudia Cazaku Quatrain 1
    19 Luke Terry Slipping Sideways Original Mix
    20 Claudia Cazaku Quatrain 2
    21 Claudia Cazaku & Fabio Stein Cazakistein Original Epic Mix
    22 Ram Goodspeed Original Mix
    23 John O Callaghan Find Yourself Cosmic Gate Remix
    24 Three Drives Greece 2000 Sander van Dien Remix
    25 ID ID
    26 Cesar Lugo pres. Stell Prototype Vitality Original Mix
    27 Knald Knald Original Mix
    28 ReOrder Indecisive Original Mix

    The Essential Mix Part One
    right click save target as

    For feedback always welcome

    dont forget to vote pls


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    AH.FM Addict Toma's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Redcar, UK

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    not many interest

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    AH.FM Addict jddavid86's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    will check it
    Trance is the expression of the soul

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    AH FAN Screamboy's Avatar
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    Dec 2007

    Thumbs up

    Download now, bro! Comments later, like always!
    Peace, Love And Harmony :-)

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    Ursa Major ★ Become a supporter now
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    G-mail .. .. ..

    thanks for messaging me JayCan !
    Ursus maritimus: sea bear .

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    AH.FM Addict piccoli's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal, Portugal
    Quote Originally Posted by JayCan View Post

    not many interest

    give it a chance to people see this Jaycan

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    ok, here is my personal account of my experience from listening to this "essential mix" (whose name, btw, i find somewhat misleading, as it uses another show's name and may make people think this was an actual EM...)

    the intro was very well picked and definitely made me curious about where this set would lead to. i found it quite impressive and also the transitions between the instrumental/ambient tracks were well done, even though (i think) not perfectly in key. maybe this first phase of the set couldve been a tad bit shorter, but then the set soon picks up and moves to nice melodic trance. it then makes a nice progression towards more energy and finally reaches a point which i felt was the climax and made me get the smileys out.

    however, this was then abruptly interrupted by track #14... while such an intentional "drop" and break in flow may be a nice effect in a set (and i definitely remember some sets whcih perfectly incorporate such an effect) and also the track itself may be well suited for this purpose, the set then fails to get back up to speed afterwards. unfortunately i felt the set didn't recover until the very end, as it continued to be dominated by lower bpm and less energetic tracks.

    respect for the attempt to imitate the style of certain older EMs, but this is quite a steep slippery slope to climb and the challenge is quite tough (and of course this is just my personal view). the first half was quite excellent - the second part by itself was fine too, only the sequence made it somewhat awkward. i hope this provides some useful feedback for part 2
    Last edited by dfx; May 26th, 2009 at 01:14. ::

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    Thank you DFX for this feedback....yess im with you, the second half had should been the first and the first the second ..then it had matched more perfect.

    Generally im happy with that, some transitions were hard to do with the cdj 100 coz of the pitch bar...i need 400 soon

    it definatly helps me for part TWO where i will for sure think about your feedback and for sure i will PLAN it before doing it....

    This one was just...take some cds..put them in...yess mix it...oh sounds okay

    Thanks for feedback

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    It is amazing man, and thanks for playing my tune there in the end!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReOrder View Post
    It is amazing man, and thanks for playing my tune there in the end!
    Thank you Bro

    always welcome

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    Dec 2007
    "All power to the dinos" - Bjerre

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    Jul 2006
    Doncaster, England
    Hi mate, I've had this on today! Sorry it took me ages to get round to but I've been trying to get through all the other competition entries before the voting closed

    Love the track selection, demonstrates a nice appreciation of the some of the pioneers of the genre which is excellent

    Mixing is very tight Am very much looking forward to part two
    New show time: Back From The Dead - Every 1st Monday 1900-2100 GMT (2000-2200 CET, 1400-1600 PST)
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    THX for feedback

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