Hey all this is my first post here so I'll take the opportunity to say Hi, The forums and radio are great and Ill be sticking around!

Anyway. Im Tony James an unsigned Trance DJ/Producer from the Northwest of England. Im currently producing uplifting trance tracks and am in the process of trying to get them heard and hopefully get some airtime!

Ive put together the following "mix" as a showcase of my productions, its not a traditional beatmatched mix, I went down a different route and tried to mix the songs with definate breaks filled with atmospheres and flowing synths so that it moves along nicely but it stays apparent that its more of a concept EP than a mixtape.

The mix contains three of my tracks. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you guys have, and if there was a possible route to me getting some of my music played here at afterhours.fm that would be amazing.

01. Not on my watch (Journey Intro Mix)
02. Reflections (original mix)
03. Journey (Extended Mix)

Le me know what you guys think!

Journey Promo Mix 192kbs.mp3