Bakke Ljungqvist - Fanatic (Different Shades Bootleg Intro Edit)
Hamilton - A Limit Of Perception
Dakota - Sin City
The Synergy - For All We Are
Kimito Lopez - Unicron
Markus Schulz Feat Carrie Skipper - Never Be The Same Again (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Club Mix)
Jody Wisternoff - Cold Drink Hot Girl (Snake Sedrick Cold Girl Remix)
Ali Wilson - Quiver
Mat Zo - Equinox
Arctique - Kyana (Mat Zo Remix)
Cowboy Mike - Fractured (Victor Dinaire Remix)

Time:-62 Min 10 sec.
Download - Ashish_-_Different_Shades_3.mp3

This time itís got a hypnotic tech trance vibe and melodies straight from dark side of trance. Magic used best at 3am, crowd growing restless of constant hands in the air tunes, something out of the box. I start
off with a beautiful intro melody called Fanatic, Small little rework for some good measure.

A Limit of Perceptions a good emotional melody surrounded by fast flowing rushes of sound. Massive release, yet very subtle

Sin City, The opening of the track starts off with a solid beat and a gritty scuff on the kicks. The track breaks for a short second and in rips the bass groove thatís got a real techy edge with its deep ripping chord changes.

"For All We Are", the rolling nature that is created in here gives this one real appeal. The scuffed percussion at the start feeds in a hint of the main melody as a short build up rippling riff pumps things up. The bass changes work very well with the dark tech melody thatís leading up the main build up

"UnicronĒ, the track is introduced slowly, adding percussion and a rolling bass to the simple kicks. But what makes this track is the melody which builds up during the long and beautiful breakdown. The synth itself is quite distinct, with a clear, shrill, tremolo sound

Never Be the Same Again, The beautiful melodies of Markus Schulz should be very familiar to any Trance follower and those who love their Trance deep with feeling and packed with flavour.This one is a treat, The feel in the track is very relaxed and deep rivers of sound pulse behind the vocals as they entice you into
the track

Cold Drink Hot Girl is awash with meaty sounds and a flowing progression means it'll keep you interested right from the early stages. The basis of this track though is its melody. It's actually built from a slow chord progression rather than a lead and this makes it so much more emotional.

Quiver, I would say this is one of his best releases to date the feeling you get with it is bright and energetic and a sparkling electric melody that sits out and hits you head on.

Equinox, Since his transition into Progressive Dance music, he explored all the flavors the genre had to offer including, Electro Prog, Markus Schulzish Trance, James Holdenish Minimal House and good old fashion Progressive House. All of his varied styles have gained huge recognition. The first thing to notice here is the crisp production - snappy beats and clicky, blippy percussion. 2 minutes into the track it begins to demonstrate what it's all about as a big fat baseline erupts from the depths, In fact, by the time the breakdown is in full swing the mood has totally changed and really is quite pleasant

Kyana, .This track starts off real smooth, and after 30 seconds you can hear this noise, after about 2 minutes, the actual bass and melody kicks in, and then youíre in for a real treat, I call it techno meets trance

Fractured, Starts with a really good and hard baseline with kicking beats, Some gentle trancey melodies start to sway things towards the calmer side but Midway make even more adjustments to the sound so eventually you have a pumping beat pushing along a much techier sounding riff.One MAD tune!


This is a blend of new and old, some fresh twisted baselines and some good old pounding madness. Yes, this is Trance! The way it was, the way it is and that the way its suppose to be. Please keep an open mind when you listen and just see what music does to your mind and heart. I say it once again, please invite all your friends as we move along in the world of music and am a part of something which is yours

I would like to thank Nishant for Mastering and Recording, Element Sessions for their support

Spread the Word, Spread the vibe!